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More Europe Less Brussels. #Brexit #ConquestofDough

This is a wonderful visionary and reflective piece. Carl Bildt is to be congratulated in tackling the Aachen Mafia. These issues of Subsidiarity are most obvious in the Exclusive competencies of the Commission and its relationship to the ECB. Bernar Leitaer advised on , indeed all but designed the ERM, his early design was torn up in a rush for Political Expediency and much of the wisdom of Prof. Leitaer was thrown out along with with the Infant of promise, complementary currencies and subsidiary sovereignty for member States.
More Europe amd less Brussels a reversal of polartiy from the boundaries to the centre and not the other way around.
Meet The Fuggers.

More Europe, Less Brussels

STOCKHOLM – The failed coup in Turkey has reminded us – as though a reminder was needed – of the once-inconceivable stability that the European Union has brought to Europe. But if the post-Brexit EU is to survive, it will need to change the way it thinks about itself.
So far, sad to say, this isn’t happening. Immediately after the Brexit vote, for example, the six founding countries of what used to be the European Economic Community (EEC) – Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg, and the Netherlands – gathered to discuss what to do. To no one’s surprise, the other 21 EU member states felt offended at being left out.
This incident points to the larger challenge that the EU must overcome if it is to secure its post-Brexit future. Simply put, the idea of the Union must resonate with all Europeans, not just those who get invited to exclusive meetings.
The EEC was established in 1957, and the official aspiration then, as it is now for the EU, was to recreate the Europe of Charlemagne that existed more than a thousand years ago.
Since then, European leaders have gathered time and again by Charlemagne’s ancient throne in Aachen, in the German state of North Rhine-Westphalia, to deliver visionary speeches announcing that the time has finally come to build a truly integrated Europe. Aachen has turned into the Mecca for true believers in the EU’s founding myth.
While I agree that Charlemagne is an intriguing historical personality, I do not find him particularly inspiring. He was an impressive warrior, but probably an illiterate one, and the empire he created fell apart soon after his death. The rise of Europe and the West certainly did not start with Charlemagne.
The Europe that inspires me is not the Europe of old warriors; it is the Europe of the thinkers and the traders. It is their contributions that, over the centuries, transformed Europe from the global backwater it had become after the fall of Rome into a hub of intellectual progress and innovation that created the West and changed the course of humanity.
This is the Europe of Copernicus and Erasmus, Henry the Navigator and Isaac Newton, and all the other pioneers who unshackled the human mind from the superstition and prejudice of the immediate past. Their Europe was wide and borderless, far larger than the Europe of Charlemagne. Immanuel Kant’s treatises on how republics could achieve “perpetual peace” were written in Königsberg, in what today is a part of Russia. And the great trading cities of Gdansk, Seville, and Venice maintained links far beyond the borders of today’s EU.
The European project can be renewed only if those who support it move away from the limited Charlemagne-inspired vision, stop talking about “old” and “new” members, and demonstrate in words as well as deeds that they are open to ideas from every part of Europe. The EU will not work unless all member states are regarded as equals in determining a common future.

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