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The Nub of Election 2017# A Social Democratic Brexit or a Neo Liberal Brexit.

Brexit means Brexit! Or does it? We know some say it can be a Hard Brexit or a, " No Deal is better than a bad deal Brexit", but the real Choice here, which is clearly a differential point between Labour and The Conservatives is this:
Labour represents a Social Democratic Brexit for the people and The Conservatives represent a Neo-Liberal Brexit or a Brexit for the Corporations and Big Banks.

The EU is a Neo-Liberal Institution and Anti-democratic, even the Green Party Arch remoaners , in their 2015 Manifesto argued to have a referendum about leaving but, seeking a mandate to reform the EU and remain members. There are plenty of Brexit posts on this Blog a Digest of them can be found at this Link. The Social Democratic Case for Brexit is Called Lexit, Google Lexit The Movie.

There is no sign of any wish for the EU to reform itself and the UK voters have two choices. Vote for Mrs May and get a Form of Neo-Liberalism even more extreme than the EU doddering and somewhat slow to react variety. Neo-Liberalism is a Broad Church defined outside of the norms of a Social Democratic Ideal of the post-war consensus. Neo-Liberalism is one of the extreme Ideologies even more taboo to mention than Islamism or Zionism.

The Arch Neo-Liberal George Osbourne inflicted much pain on the British people with his ideological and Extreme form of Sadistic Austerity, even the IMF cautioned a less enthusiastic offering to what I call Queen TINA, She who must be obeyed.

TINA is Neo Liberalese for "There Is No Alternative", That is true in the case of a Tory Neo-Liberal Brexit and instead of Remaining in the EU´s Neo-Liberal Stalinism, Instead, you would get with the Conservatives a  "General Francos" Version of Neo-Liberal Fascism. Out of the frying pan into the fire really.

Look This Diagram sets it out I think quite Clearly.

So Lets see what are the Salient points , the ideas and concerns that are Out there and relevant to our lives, The NHS, Bankers that are too big to jail, We were not all in the Austerity together, Tax Dodgers, Food Banks, The Fitness for work murders under Ian Duncan Smith, The Bedroom Tax, The Housing Crisis, Zero Hours Contracts. In short, The Massive Breach of the Social Contract, sealed in blood sweat and tears and written by the Post-War Labour Government as the answer to all the sacrifices of our parents and grandparents in Two World Wars.

You see we are not all in this together, not anymore.  With the Neo-Liberal Free Market Mayhem model, It prescribes pain, insecurity and Corporate Rights over Basic Human Rights. The same model in the EU but also the same model applied with devastating effect Globally by the Mega Corporations, who are above any nation's laws. TTIP, ISDS, TISA, CETA. An alphabet soup of small print TRADE deals that take away your rights, lower your pay and ensure an unequal playing field on which Corporations can exploit workers both in terms of pay and conditions, A sort of Anti-Samaritans Charter that forces governments to look the other way and pass on the other side of the road.

The Social Democratic  Brexit which Jeremy Corbyn and Labour 2017 offer will re - instate a fair playing field and that is something which could not have been delivered within the EU. The rules of the EU make lots of unfair Trade practices compulsory so as to protect Global Corporate Interests. So We have a chance of a Social Democratic Brexit, Instead of the Conservative Neo-Liberal Hard Right Brexit.

In the last US election, they rejected Hilary Clinton, Their Theresa May. They could have had and wanted Bernie Sanders, Bernie was done down and demonised just as Jeremy Corbyn has been. The cheating and lies against Bernie and the Reaction against President Trump are Part of the same Neo-Liberal Establishment not wanting anyone to stand up for the Rights of the Citizens of Nation States. The EU Establishment and the Neo-Liberal British Establishment are, all the same, If you are poor they figure you will be obedient and as such we can just about be tolerated but only if we grovel and cower, they are not just happy for you to be poor they want to keep you poor and make you poorer, its called the race to the bottom.

This Meme sums it up The Sheriff of Nottingham (Neo-Liberal) or Robin Hood (Social Democracy)


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