Thursday, 9 March 2017

The Brexshit Meme. #Brexshit

Britain tomorrow will be lost between several super powers realising that the good old empire is truly over. England is on its way to become a small and increasingly unimportant country. Is that what patriots wanted when they voted for Brexshit (great word!)?

Suppose you are not British. Suppose you are nonetheless very fond of Britain because of family ties, a British spouse or partner, for example, or a strong cultural interest in the country. Suppose you also speak English reasonably well; you…
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Richard Donnelly As a socialist, I am in favour of England becoming an irrelevance on the global stage. It has always been a force for war, conquest and suffering in the world. Why you would want to maintain its stature in world politics is beyond me.
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Kat Boettge I don't want an empirical Britain. My point was to counteract the Patriots' Brexit. But I want a Britain that works in cooperation alongside the EU, which has been the best peace project we have ever had in Europe. Yes it has its faults. But I rather be part of this cooperate institution, working together. The alternative is having a trade deal with Trump!
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Rob Da Rich It's NATO that keeps the peace. The EU is the biggest threat to security as they try to expand eastwards to the Russian border.
Kat Boettge NI conflict was greatly influenced by the EU and the EU spent millions (more than anyone else) on its resolution.
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Rob Da Rich The EU doesn't have its own money to spend on anything.
Kat Boettge This is a ridiculous argument. Of course the EU has its own money; yes it's being paid by the member states.
Richard Donnelly By that logic, we should also support Clinton and the US establishment because they are a force for peace in the world ðŸ˜‚😂
John Houston Yes the EU certainly kept the peace when Yugoslavia broke up...
Kat Boettge Jugoslavia wasn't in the EU and according to its former fractions, if it had been in the EU it wouldn't have had a war.
Roger Lewis That European conflict graphic Kat is bogus look it up.
Roger Lewis 1944–1956 Guerrilla war in the Baltic states
1945–1949 Greek Civil War
1947-1962 Romanian anti-communist resistance movement...See More
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Kat Boettge I haven't checked each of these, but at a glance I would say these weren't EU member states at the time and/ or unrest isn't a war.
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Matthew Mario Vas Wave of terror in Europe from 2015? Just mention 2, Basque separatists and the IRA!
John Houston Kat Boettge The graphic refers to European history so is false in claiming no conflicts since the founding of the European Coal & Steel Community as other comments have pointed out.
Kat Boettge I never said conflicts but wars. So unsure what you're trying to say. John Houston.
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Rob Da Rich The author makes the fundamental mistake of thinking the EU will still exist in a few years time. We're escaping in the nick of time.
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Ross Benjamin Camplin Fantasy politics.
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Stefano Ragni I think the mistaken one here will be you Rob.
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Ross Benjamin Camplin The EU will be around long after the UK has collapsed. Bring on Indie ref #2 and the Irish border poll.
Rob Da Rich Why on earth would the Scottish vote to impoverish and isolate themselves by rejoining a failing political bloc? And it won't be long until Ireland will follow the UK's lead and exit the EU too, and that will be the solution to the border issue.
Kat Boettge Any evidence to suggest your claims? Rob
Ross Benjamin Camplin There is zero appetite in Ireland to leave the EU, and Sinn Fein's strong performance in yesterday's Stormont elections demonstrates the level of opposition to Brexit in the North as well.
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Rob Da Rich Except that the pro-Brexit DUP got the most seats lol
Matthew Mario Vas Why on earth would Scotland vote to impoverish itself? Let's think which other 2 countries recently voted to impoverish themselves?

I'm honestly stumped, can you think of any?
Ross Benjamin Camplin Staying in the EU makes more economic sense than staying in the UK. Theresa May is forcing Scotland and Northern Ireland into a position where they will have to choose one or the other, despite both solidly voting to remain in the EU. She's got no political representation or authority in both regions, and no mandate to force them out against the will of the people.
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Roger Lewis Kat Boettge Rob might have seen this interview with Ted Malloch, who is a very astute Political Economist and Ethicist
Rob Da Rich Very much looking forward to the euro collapsing. Let's just hope we can distance ourselves economically from the fallout as far as possible.
Ross Benjamin Camplin There's no appetite for Ireland to leave the EU beyond an in significantly small number of people. Also, Fianna Fail and Sinn Fein look likely to form the next government, and they're both massively pro-European parties.
Stefano Ragni Roger Lewis The first interview you posted makes me laugh, the guy with the white hair says it all: we export £240 BILLION worth of goods to the EU and just £30 million to the US. Do I really need to comment further when the numbers talk so clearly? And btw "Ted Malloch, who is a very astute Political Economist and Ethicist" excuse my language in advance but to me he just seems a posh cunt that supports Trump without applying almost any critical thinking.
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Rob Da Rich Ireland will be completely isolated and tied to a failing trade bloc unless it expands it's horizons beyond Europe like we are.
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Roger Lewis Stefano Ragni Stefano, it helps when trying to make something better, which I assume is your aim for the EU. To hear the criticisms and consider them.Your analysis does not consider the Imports from the EU into the UK, or the net contribution that the UK makes to the EU budget. Malloch is a political economist and sees similarities to the Fall of Soviet union with the present state of the EU which is suffering due to the Monetary union. Have you taken any pointers from DIEM 25 Stefano?
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Roger Lewis

For all their concerns with global competitiveness, migration and terrorism, only one prospect truly…
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Ross Benjamin Camplin No Rob, it's the UK that will be completely isolated, with disadvantageous trade deals and no access to the single market. In all likelihood many of the major global businesses currently in London will simply move to Dublin for full access to the single market in an English speaking country.
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Roger Lewis Ross Benjamin Camplin Ross Just think that through for a minute. Dublin does not have nor will it have eitehr the population or the real estate necessary to have Whole sale up rooting of companies seeking un fettered single market access. The Terms of trade between the EU and UK is an important question but it is a two way street and not a question of all or nothing on either side. Knee jerk generalisations of the sort you make here are at best naive at worse plain silly.
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Roger Lewis

Austerity, Enlargement and Monetary Union. The End of European Democracy. ´Not Waving But Drowning´. T...
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Ross Benjamin Camplin It will have access to the single market, which is by far the most important factor for any major global business. The UK will have no choice but to accept inferior trade deals with every and each larger country outside of the EU than within it. That's a fact.
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Roger Lewis Ross, Facts are curious things and with political economy there are only human constructs, human political constructs are made of opinions as to choices and as such are a constituted of a special class of Fact which are interpretations of a set of possibilities. Reality itself is open to interpretation and then there is also the emergent quality of being and becoming which is the domain of wishful thinking and spin. On wishful thinking and spin are these traits which you only see in the opinions of those who consider a withdrawal from the EU with its current and insistent trajectory. With all of the Facts residing firmly on the part of those who sensibly see the EU and further federalisation as The only alternative?
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Ross Benjamin Camplin I'm sorry but are you going to address the issue or are you just going to spam me with links and talk total nonsense?
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Roger Lewis Ross, You claimed that it is a fact that all British Trade deals outside of the EU would be on worse terms. That is not a falsifiable claim it is an opinion. What you say is spam is a condensed and considered series of articles which I have written from a monetary theory aspect based upon the huge centralisation of power in the EURO currency via the ECB and Euro Commission which is not a Competence subject to the necessity of proportionality or subsidiarity. Where Subsidiarity is not required by definition democracy is forsaken. To enter into a discussion about Trade one has to take some pains to understand what the realities of Global Trade are in the year 2017. The EU has been failing to pay attention to the global picture as it undermines European nation state democracy to solidify and centralise political control within the EU political construct. The arguments regarding Real Politik and communicating geo political realities to domestic electorates are the obstacles the Eu faces, it has chosen to foresake democracy to pursue its own Power goals and geo political real politik positions.
Reducing then, this complex and divergent problem set into a truth claim regarding ´All trade deals´,being done by the UK outside of the EU will be on terms worse than the EU. And that the Eu would negotiate for itself better terms than the UK ( The fifth largetst economy in the world in its own right)
seems to me to be unsupportable and as I say actually not falsifiable so the sort of fact you claim can not be a scientific one.
To respond to my argument which is a sincere and detailed one Ross would take several hours of reading, I have taken the pains to set out my Reasoning and it represents several months detailed work as well as a life's time interest in Business and current affairs, I am now 52 and have a broad breadth of experience in these matters. If you wish to engage with the arguments then please do, if you do not wish to, that does not equate with or support the claim that my own sincere presentation of the arguments, as I see them, are being nonsense.They, of course, may well be incorrect in whole or in part especially where they are making claims about events yet to take place.

The United States has been the world's largest economy since 1871, but China's growth may…
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Ross Benjamin Camplin How the hell is a small and relatively insignificant country like the UK going to negotiate trade deals with the likes of China and the US that are in any way favourable to the UK? Do you even understand how trade works? Why would it be in their interest to do so?
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Roger Lewis Ross Benjamin Camplin The UK is not small by any measure as the Investopedia article shows Ross. The EU´s concerns over Brexit are not to do with concern about how the UK will fare being small in a big wide world, it is worried about the loss of the size of the UK economy from the Block position is sees as a position of strength from which to dictate policy. Trade is a two way street, business is about cooperation and negotiation not the dictation of terms. Coercion is the way of authoritarian government, cooperation is the way of democracy.
To answer your question yes I do know rather a lot about international trade and doing business in other countries and with people in other countries.
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Ross Benjamin Camplin There's absolutely no chance of a country like China, for example, offering more favourable terms to an independent UK outside the single market than the existing trade agreement with the EU inside the single market, simply because it's not in their interests to do so. Also, regardless of the size of the UK'S GDP, we produce fuck all exports due to the collapse of manufacturing in the 1980s. We barely have an industrial strategy at all! What you're saying is completely delusional! Whatever way you look at it, any new trade deal WILL be inferior to the trade deals we already have access to as an EU member state. That is a fact!
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Roger Lewis Ross It is not a fact at all , that is your opinion. here is some real data. If you look at it you will see that the UKS trading partners both within and outside of the EU will wish to continue cordial and mutually profitable relations.
Ross Benjamin Camplin Oh my God, can somebody please talk some sense into this idiot, I've really tried but he's determined not to listen.
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Roger Lewis Ross, you have claimed opinion as fact and when confronted by data rather than using it to support your claimed facts you resort to ad hominem. If p+erhaps you made an argument instead of getting all excited and embarrassing yourself we could help you develop your argument into something resembling a coherent case.
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Roger Lewis Tolstoy, Leo. What is Art? p. 124 (1899). In The Kingdom of God Is Within You (1893), he similarly declared, "The most difficult subjects can be explained to the most slow-witted man if he has not formed any idea of them already; but the simplest thing...See More
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Ross Benjamin Camplin I think I've just witnessed the death of irony.
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Roger Lewis Ross the only thing you have witnessed is the projection of whatever it is going on in the organ between your ears.
Veneerial Disease.( VD) Is a socially Transmitted Dillusion ( STD) communicated by Head fucking. veneer (n.) 1702, from Germa...
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Keith Andrew Unwin What ever happens I think the country will be worst off, cos the Torys will fuck it over. What ever happens Austerity will continue.
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Mike Maston Cast of la la land.
Stefano Ragni "Brexshit" yeah: amazing word, already neologism in my book! I'll steal that.
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Sarah Eshana Yapp America wanted the demise of Europe in order to dismantle the only alternative currency with which to deal in oil.
Richard Donnelly Is that why Obama openly supported Remain, along with all the main institutions of the US establishment?
Alan Slocombe Not a mention of Scotland, or NI, leaving and UK imploding. I would have thought this will be a major brexit regret for the Engwelsh Tory fools and The dumber Labour voters.
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Deborah Timmermans I am def def going down for the march on March 25th - are there any arrangements being made?
Rob Da Rich It's a waste of time unless you think more than 17,410,742 people will go. That's how many you need to beat the number who voted for Brexit.
Tom Norton Rob Da Rich Now adjust for those excluded from the vote - young people, expats as well as those who were not able or willing to vote. What do you get ?
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Kat Boettge Deborah I don't know tbh.
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Rob Da Rich Tom adjust for those scared shitless by Remain's scare mongering campaign which proved to be bollocks!!
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Kat Boettge Rob with the upmost respect (and I mean that) why do you keep commenting under my posts about Brexit all the time?
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Tom Norton Kat Boettge may need to block ?
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Kat Boettge Yes done! Thanks though I am sometimes a little too tolerant with this.
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Michael Dawes Nothing between their ears but their Brexshit.
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Tom Norton Pardon  ?
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Tom Norton Britain votes to point the revolver at its brain, May pulls the trigger and our children benefit. Thanks to all involved.
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Gideon Arman ...............'england'....................?
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