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Fed Rate Rise 12 Trillion Fiscal Cliff , UK Commons 1.7 Trillion Stirling Debt , Money Myths Ignorant MP´s

Theresa May's Hypocrisy Exposed at PMQ

"The UK has one of the worst performing currencies in the world, it has a trade deficit of £133 billion, and a national debt approaching £1.7 trillion.
Can I ask the Prime Minister, does she really believe the UK can afford to be an independent country?"

Callum McCaig MP
"The UK has one of the worst performing currencies in the world, it has a trade deficit of £133 billion, and a national debt approaching £1.7 trillion.
Can I ask the Prime Minister, does she really believe the UK can afford to be an independent country?"
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Roger Lewis It is a very good question but I wonder if the questioner and whether PM May know why it is such a good question. I suspect that PM May does.

In an economy with debt based money if Government debt does not increase at a time that private borrowing is on the wane the money supply shrinks which exacerbates economic contraction. The level of the Government debt is therefore related to the Money supply.

The level of debt is also related to the Bail-outs of 2008 which resulted from Banks lending wildly and going bust. This, in turn, led to the so-called sovereign debt crisis.The EU and the ECB has also struggled with this problem but the crisis has affected the so-called PIIGS massively as Constitutional Austerity force a sovereign debt crisis on the PIGS where the pigs were at the mercy of private banks or the ´´Markets´´in which to raise debt instead of resorting to the ECB as lender of last resort a role the ECB is prohibited from fulfilling under the EU treaties ( I have the ref but can not remember it off top of my head)

For the SNP a key question should they get a yes vote to secede from the Union the currency question is key, would Scotland have its own new central bank and national currency, would it try to join the EURO, (probably impossible to meet the requirements)
would it remain in a Stirling partnership?

Most MP´s are ignorant of the money creation process according to this Positive money survey.

The performance of a currency is an interesting concept, what did the questioner mean? exchange rate comparisons, money supply and effectiveness as a means of exchange, Unit of account?
On the question of the National Debt, this is like austerity a political choice one small amendment to the bank charter act of 1846 would put that right, although the city of London would be very upset.Some say it is the City of London who lobbied hardest for Brexit, and that pass-porting is the main focus of the Tories on any EU deal post-Brexit. Time will tell.

Here are links to my Articles on Brexit and its monetary dimension.

The Dawkins video on Channel 4 sums up the lack of thought still being applied to these questions. This is about De Globalisation or Post Globalisation. Globalisation has failed and so has the neo liberal EU. I have been reading this this morning. 

see article 28 regarding the ESCB and ECB and its sole responsibility for stable prices. One EURO one Vote, that is not democracy. Similalry one Pound Stirling one vote is no more democracy than 10e Euro one vote. I do wish people could seperate out the seperate questions regarding how best to pursue democracy. Neiter the EU or Westmionster are democratic. Heres a whole book about the general malaise from the 1930´s By HG Wells just as a starter for ten. 
in fact two 

Their Lordships on Article 50.``Bring then above all ignorance, to which add confidence, audacity, and effrontery; as for diffidence, equity, moderation, and shame, you will please leave them at home; they are not merely needless, they are encumbrances.

Austerity, Enlargement and Monetary Union. The End of European Democracy. Not Waving But Drowning.

I support Scottish Independence but I also support monetary independence for all the Nations in the European Union, a Complementary Federalised complementary domestic currency system and one currency for international trade outside of the EFTA area makes most sense, Bernard Lietaer is the most approachable source on these concepts he features in this dialogue I have has with Clive Lord a founding member of the Peoples Party ( proto-Green Party of England and Wales.
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Roger Lewis must watch
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Joseph Cooper Says no playable sources found..
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Roger Lewis I am watching it now joseph. I an also downloading the torrent file which is in the download window. Its worth watching, very good indeed.
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Roger Lewis Checked that link and it works fine here. the torrent also working fine, its smaller if you just check the format you want to paly back in its available in 3 different codecs
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Roger Lewis we are on lelia here too and its playing fine maybe its I Pad
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Joseph Cooper Probably works on the desktop but not the phone
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Roger Lewis prob which codecs run on i pad the torrent has mp4 ogg and vlc
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Roger Lewis Edward Griffins book is a different stroy to the one Still is telling. Jeckyll Island is about the founding of the Fed and This film is the history leading up to the fed. As far as I know Stills film is not based o0n nGriffins Book.
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Joseph Cooper The "facts" of the setting up of the Fed are the only important things in my opinion Roger. Some of the characters who weave "narratives" around the facts are counter productive. Whether they wear purple tracksuits or believe they know the location of Noah's Ark. These characters only muddy the waters.
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Roger Lewis Still gives the chronological history his is not what I would call a political narrative but a straight factual one. Griffin is interesting as well, I think he is a little more political than Still but again the facts are pretty straight forward if little known today. The Wikipedia Article is quite good too.

were mobilized in opposition to the national bank’s re-authorization on the grounds that the…
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Roger Lewis Joseph Cooper This does not cover the ground in the first half of the Still movie which does the Crime of 1873 for instance (demonetisation of Silver) it also goes into the currency manipulatiuon to cause depressions and banks foreclosing.

we will not
...See More

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Joseph Cooper Well you have travelled that road Roger was thinking of you as I read that....
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Roger Lewis Joseph Cooper I certainly have
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Retweeted Roger Glyndwr Lewis (@RogerGLewis):
US raises benchmark rate by 0.25% - BBC News

The US Federal Reserve raises its key interest rate for only the third time in a decade.
See more from BBC News.

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