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Brexit Unicorn De globalisation in a Trumpian Age?

Do you think that Brexit was good now that we are in September?

Roger Glyndwr Lewis, Green Party, Eco Anarchist and campaigning against TTIP, CETA and ISDS.
Brexit is something akin to a unicorn it requires a belief system that allows for mythical constructs to be true. The extremes are In or WTO trade rules and all points in between.

US hegenomy and Dollar hegenomy are the main drivers of the political and geo poilitcal realities of Brexit and reality is as we should all know by now an emergent property. September is better than many ardent remainers predicted but this is still insufficient grist for the Bexit mill i´m afraid. German and French elections next year will have impacts on the EU´s negotiating position over time.

The appointment of Guy Verhofstadt,an ultra Neo Liberal ideologue, demonstrates the current EU regimes posturing towards a tough line on the recussant and troublesome UK.Events inform most strategies and events next year in Europe particualrly with the Nascent Deutshche bank Sub prime (Black Swan ) Fine, in the US and a EURO currency crisis that is far from over and of course more immediately the US and its Novemeber Presidential Election will also be key determinants of the landscape against which both divorcing parties will have to cut their Cloth.

The Spurned EU is currently planning on cutting the crothches out of the Saville Row suits of the British Establishment whilst Wall street is busily looking to replace both the city of London , the pound Stirling and run off with the City of londons Wife and mistress into the bargain.

My position is that most of what we see is posturing by the puppets controlled behind the scenes by the oligarchical titans of Capital, the pantomime will be directed towards the end game which the Oligarchical Elites have pursued for some time, greater intergration of the world Financial system and a touchstone with semi religous meaning around which to justify Debt and usury and the Dollars exhorbitant privelidge of world reserve currency status. A carbon Currency based New Dollar riding to the rescue of a morribund EURO and disgraced Pound Stirling perhaps. The pantomime is designed to manipulate and stop the population at large for realising it is as ever being robbed blind ,
Heres my Cover of the Sex Pistols renamed the Good Ship Brexit. Not suitable for Work.

Those of a more asthetic sentiment wth a linguistic/ Poetical bent might prefer this Poem.

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