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Overlooked and Unelected. A poem for the unappreciated.

Overlooked and unelected.

Neil Mc Alister.

When I was nine
a lickspittle Beckenbauer
Dreams of footie triumph were mine
commander of the middle of the field
creator of the long through ball
behind the front three tasked to sweep
On team selection Day unselected
my best friend was listed Star centre-forward
I went home to weep
I still Loved my friend and wanted my team-mates to triumph
I mourned my own loss but still cheered on and longed for my chance.

Richard Green.

When I was 12 and in Big School
a team of 11 became 15 and the ball
was a different shape. I was on the team
I found my Game and dreamt of leadership
The team elected its new captain there.
I was not their elected leader my best friend was
I voted for my best friend he voted for me
I loved my friend and served as his lieutenant
it was still hard to swallow but I didn´t cry.

Radley College.

We made the County Finals several years later
We were soundly beaten in the semis
Radley College against our comprehensive
Motely Crew. Killed in the first half
Learned quickly and held a draw for the second half
The school turned out to see our brave defeat
We attended the final and Radley won, we were their biggest
heartiest and fiercest cheerleaders,
they were the better side , for the first half at least, and we learned a lot from them.
We celebrated their success, but looked forward to our next meeting.

Ashley Drake.& AdamTickell

There was a general Knowledge Competition
5th year All hormones and teenaged insecurities
I didn´t enter and Adam still carried that condom
held it hoping to light a the candle he carried for Gillian Jacobs.
Ashley Won , Subject Welsh Rugby History.You had to be in it to win it I reasoned.
Adam and Ashley two intellectuals , friends at school
Tony Gawe didn´t go to Upper Sixth his family needed him to get a job.

Nicola Evans

We moved away, West Germany Dusseldorf Dragons
Reading Cider with rosy because I had a strange accent that amused
Mr Harris head of sixth form. Nicola who I married, Thought
I was the best actor she'd heard, and a Rugby Jock to boot.
I was just being Authentic, Farmer boy, son of the soil.
John Brunskil and Tiffany Wood, Me and Nicola
Copping off behind the Gym Curtain for extra curricular fumblings
Nicki and I are Now divorced but bound back to Displaced times
apart but not estranged.Different times different lives
Human Ships of Theseus.

ABC, Tom and commander Billingham

Abc now in the Philippines, His old best friend died young
on a bike, Andrew as he said he would packed his ashes into a firework
and let him off over the sea in Phucket, thats what he wanted.
ABC was there for me when I needed him too.
Tom was at the bank that repossessed my house
he found it as difficult to understand as I did, we are still friends
Commander Joseph Billingham, a mentor and a confidante,
His father didn't care much for money either, just like me.
Still packed him of to Ampleforth aged three.
It was his mothers idea? According to Joseph

The Band of Vikings.

Rhiannon my daughter, isn´t sure about Donald Trump,
Rasmus my son thinks he´s funny on Annoying orange.
Rhiannon assures me they do ADHT better in Sweden
and maybe that´s why Rasmus sometimes misbehaves.
They both say I´m the best dad in the world ,
of course I try to live up to the billing,
I could never hope to rise any higher than that.


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