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Limits of the Intellectual Left. So Says Leftist Auto Didact. MAGA #CHomskyWrong #VarafoukisWrong

Yannis Varafoukis, Noam Chomsky, Wrong.  The Academic Establishment is also the Political Establishment. Limits of the Intellectual Left.

Former Greek finance minister and Media go to for all things edgy , the acceptable face of Marxism and hetrodox(or is it) Economics. And Noam Chomsky (Legend) have both through DIEM 25 performed a wonder of fence sitting whilst holding their noses and not actually managing , as they promise, to sit on the fence.

What they do is build their own fence and invite the rest of us to admire how cleverly they perch atop it. Cheerleading the establishment whilst giving it a F. for fail, knowing that this means by their own measure that the errant pupil, the establishment , trained in the same elite schools they represent, will take note and pay better lip service next time. Sadly the real world is not an economics or PPE paper submitted to a professor it is a place where the Elite pupils of the institutions that produce Yannis´s and Noams, get all the plumb jobs and inflict their half understood and never believed in, versions of the fine theroies of  Yannis and Noam and others like them upon the rest of us.

My Comment on Yannis´s Blog, he never publishes my comments, I suspect I do not pass the academic qualifications required to air an opinion in his rarified altitudes of intellectual know it allness.

''Surely this argument is basd upon the notion that Trump is a demagogue? It seems also that much of the analysis around Brexit from Yannis also revolves around the spectre of Fascist Demagogery. The US has form in supporting fascism outside of its own borders in fact that is part of Hilary clintons known form. For change to happen change has to start, Frankly the USA became fascist with the patriot act post 2001. I respect Yannis and Noam more than I can express. On the demagogue card I have to say I think you are both wrong. As with Brexit being worth the risk for the British people so it is with the American people Trump is worth the Risk, he has the potential to become a Republican JFK. Clinton has disqualified herself her crimes and misdemeanors far exceed anything Trump could achieve in a single presidency. Believing Rhetoric is my other point, Hilary´s should not be Believed that would be silly based on her track record, Obama has also proved to be un trustworthy. Trumps rhetoric is equally likely to be misleading, he is a Conservative due to his privelidged background as indeed are you Yannis.''

Yanis and Noam are curiously Conservative,  why wouldn´t they be? my reasoning is that Trump is equally Conservative yet of a more practical disposition for getting things done. I think Trump does Love the American people more than he loves the Limelight and that is a lot, as I say in another Blog, he is the Narcissis that does indeed hear the echo and fall in love.

I prefer the earthier intellectual big hitting of the power lifting Nassim Nicholas Taleb. You pays your money and takes your choice.

Trump is just a symptom not a disease. Message: establishment is so bad that a random Bronx Zoo animal less harmful.

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