Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Hyper normalisation & Social Constructionism. Adam Curtis, Foucault or Chomsky? Let History be the judge.

Adam Curtis’s new film Hyper-normalisation takes its starting point at 1975, with the New York Bond issue and Austerity imposed by the Wall Street Bankers on that City; this, contrasted with Assad in Syria and his perceived betrayal by Henry Kissinger and US foreign policy in the Middle East. This Interview with Foucault contrasts well with and provides an alternative starting point for Adam Curtis´s argument that Self-referential infotainment is fed on-line to pacify the egotistical narcissistic angst of theBourgeoisiee. The starting point at 1968 perhaps gives the lie that all protest and resistance is futile and neutered. 

Curtis's Film is limited by its isolation of the limited historicity of its time reference, This interview and also Curtis's other films, Centruy of Self The Mayfair Set and Bitter Lake are essential viewing to give the necessary historical context to Curtis´s latest work.

My short critique of Hyper Normalisation.

I found it all rather bourgoise. Not one of his better efforts. The chattering classes will be outraged and enchanted by it in equal measure an ironic reflection of curtis´s central point that Media content presented through Googles algorithms tailors content to a viewers predelictictions. The Bourgoise bit is Curtis´s condescension that the power of the powerful is all encompassing and all fall before it realising their impotence. Worth watching although with highly skeptical and critical alerts fully operational. The antedote is of course discussion and seeking alternative viewpoints. Curtiss´s genius may be that, he provokes thought in many of us who have perhaps forgotten how that feels.

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