Assange Live to COnference 26thOctober 2016.

Julian speaks to a computer conference in Argentinha Via Telephone.

Interesting comments on the efforts to neuter Freedom of the Press.

There is interference on the line for much of the talk but it is worth listening too.

Published on 27 Oct 2016
Julian Assange is back... internetless from the US demand on the Ecuadorian embassy in the UK.. but back in the fray of things!

He's Alive 10/27:
Standard You Tube

I made a copy and posted top my own You Tube channel to get the message out as wide as possible.


  1. MUSO MUSINGS On Fatherhood Theory and STuff: Assange Live to COnference 26thOctober 2016. … via @RogerGLewis


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