Prius (pre loved) economics 88 MPG payback 3.8 years

Prius (pre loved) economics 88 MPG payback 3.8 years 

A first impressions video having never before driven a Plugin Hybrid. I have driven Fork Lifts and Golf Carts and Dodgems at the fun fair but to all intents and purposes this was my Hybrid Electiric Vehicle, Cherry being popped.

Links from embedded Segments.
1. all new Prius c. How it works.

2. How a Hybrid Engine Works |

3. Lithium Ion vs NiMH Baterries in Hybrid Vehicles by Smart Cars
smart cars

4.Discharge and Charge Process of a Conventional Lithium-Ion Battery Cell by TUM EES

5. Music , Lifes Energy Flow , Roger Lewis


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