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The Magic Money Tree and Private Banks , misunderstood and kind to small children and animals?or Just another Fix of Crony Capitalists

Original Post-August 2016, Updated for Election 2017.Neo-Liberalism, Billy No Mates? , or, just misunderstood and kind to small children and animals Discussion with Founder member of The peoples party/Ecology Party and Now The Greens Clive Lord. In the recent hustings for the Green Party leadership for the Green Party of England and Wales I have had a few interesting dialogues with Clive Lord and sought out some of his writing to see what made and still makes him Tick. I have also had a similar exchange of tweets and comments with Dereck Wall another former speaker candidate for the Green Party of England and wales.

Clives Stich is citizens income or universal basic income. Its mine too so we have a common objective and our reasoning to get to that place one would think would be similar. Well to answer that yes and no. Clive and I agree that exponential growth on a finite planet is impossible and that the strain on the Common resources of the planet is to great and decisions uninforme…

Green Party Leadership, Update on the Odds.

This is not scientific as no reliable polling or statisically significant samples are available. Also turnout levels are purely speculation. 
The Membership is 4 times the level that it was in 2012 when the Leadership was last contested that contest had a low turnout as well going back to 2008 the leadership has been secured on a low turnout and less than 3500 votes. how many of the 60,000 voting members will exercise their franchise this time, what drew the new membership to the Green Party? Natalie Bennet for sure but also Shahrar and Amelia all three through tireless work, but also the other candidates who stood in the record number of seats contested in the 2015 election, this is not a membership here at the feet of any one personality or executive position it is a diverse political party and a membership recently joined in the fray of active membership, a High turnout should I think be expected.

The system used for the election is also the Single transferable Alternate Vote with si…

Champagne Socialists For Corbyn. — Roger Glyndwr Lewis (@RogerGLewis) August 9, 2016 The Cutting is from my press cutting book, I am one of the fortunate ones. I recieved a grant aided education in Comprehensive, and for A levels at the Colchester Institute where I went back to take my A Levels after leaving home and having dropped out of sixth form. Incidentally one of my A Level Law Lecturers was Mike O´Brien a Junior Home office minister in the naughties New Labour Government, but at that time 1982, was a Law Lecturer at The Colchester Institute. But thats another story.

I went to South Bank poly and studied one of the most Conservative subjects you can, Estate Management majoring in Valuation. I am a trained Neo Liberal Capitalist but heres the thing I am a life Long Socialist. I know that my opportunities in Life and my most prized possesion , My education, are owed to the sweat blood and tears of my Grand Pare…