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Symbiosis Diversity and sustanable politics a Matrifocal Turn #GreenPartyLeadership

In Response to Tom Chances CoRONation validictory I have made a counter argument. Above

In a politics of participation the Polity is the movement is the party, the leadership is merely an outward expression of a movements Will. Joint speakers was fully debated in the the run up to the 32008 change in executive structure but the Ethos remains embedded in the Green Party Constitution. The Green party rooted in Ecology and Gaia should have regard to Symbiosis the effect of sustainability garnered through symbiotic distributed systems and ecologies. Reducing political effectiveness to soundbites fitting with the media demand of Concision and what Noam Chomsky calls Indexed Pieties is not for me what the Green Party is about. The Article mentions Jeremy Corbyn, he is a spokes-person for a movement, a Movement has many leaders and gains its strength from the symbiotic support systems found in political solidarity. Bernard Leitear the leading advocate of Complementary currencies and Monetary reform explains well how Patriarchal , Hierarchical systems may be more efficient but they are less robust they are not sustainable Matrifocal systems are more enduring and from this we find that symbiosis and diversity is the key to ecological sustainability in Anthropogenic systems as in Natural systems. We do not call Gaia Mother Nature for no reason.
Continuity is a feature of symbiosis and the continuity we have on offer in this Election is the Deputy leader team of Shahrar Ali and Amelia Womack this is the starting point of my analysis of finding the Balance for a sustainable course and growth of the Green Party's electoral success. A single Leader is the only choice when considering the preservation of the core of our party ecology as the party evolves and develops over the next 2 years. Natalie has stood down Party Membership is at a substantially higher level than it was in 2012 and 2014 the latter two years encompass the 2015 General Election, whilst electoral success evaded the party in 2015 2020 looks like being a different story but only those who get that politics is being taken back to a participative turn, the article misinterprets Corbyn and the growth of the Labour Movement, the reasoning in favour of what I call the CoRONation ticket is founded on an establishment elitist construction of how a co9mpeting elites model of democracy works, Occupy, Bernie Sanders and Jeremy Corbyn, Syrzia , Podemos, UKIP and the Pirate party , the indagnados the list is pretty long the paradigm shift is well in motion but the Establishment are the last to cotton on. Now is not the time for the Greens to go for safe media establishment conformity, it turns out the Greens and the Ecology Party and the peoples party have been right all along.

I argue for a single leader in this linked Blog
I have far more sympathy with the RON campaign than the Co Leader based upon media recognition and focus group popularity. I say don´t RON and choose your STV Av options wisely to ensure it's 1 plus 2 deputies and not 2 plus 1 deputy which would be a failure of democratic and participative principles in my opinion also an electoral mistake as the Movement of the Green Party and the Membership are far more sustainable than an Elitist politics of personality. Sustainability slide show

''Patriarchal Value Coherence
All patriarchal societies in history have had the tendency to impose
a monopoly of asingle currency, hierarchically issued, naturally scarce or artificially kept scarce, and with positive interest rates. This was for instance the case in Sumer and Babylon, in Greeceand Rome, and from the Renaissance onwards in Western societies all the way to today.The form of these currencies has varied widely, ranging from standardized commodities, precious metals, paper or electronic bits. But what they all have in
common is thatgovernments accepted only that specific currency for payment of taxes, that this currencycould be stored and accumulated, and that borrowing such currencies implied payment of interest. They all have in common Yang characteristics as illustrated in Figure 1.''

#Malone4Leader #ShaharahAli
#Amelia Womack

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