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Extraordinary Claims Require Extraordinary Proof - Dr. Craig Wright Blog #Satoshi Who gives a Fuck. Who´s the Daddy?

Extraordinary Claims Require Extraordinary Proof - Dr. Craig Wright Blog: Yesterday, Andreas Antonopoulos posted a fantastic piece on Reddit. Andreas said something critically important and it bears repeating: “I think the identity of Satoshi Nakamoto does not matter”. He’s absolutely right. It doesn’t – and shouldn’t ­– matter to the Bitcoin community. I cannot deny that my interest in bringing the origins of Bitcoin into the light is ultimately and undeniably a selfish one – the only person to whom this should matter is me.…

Creative Systems Thinking8 hrs ·  ~ Are Bitcoins a Ponzi Scheme?~ I believe that Bitcoins are a Ponzi Scheme. Here below, in excerpts from a essay written in Nov, 2013, investor Gary North explains why. If you or someone you know are considering cryptocurrencies as investments I hope you will read this. If you have already invested, and get out now, you will be in a better position than many. Those selling Bitcoins or encouraging others to buy will be angered by …

OpenBazaar Getting Node on Line