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Democratic dialogues: how to communicate with the people of Nuneaton | openDemocracy

Democratic dialogues: how to communicate with the people of Nuneaton | openDemocracy

  • This
    is a serious question: I need to know what Jeremy Corbyn proposes for
    the countryside should he become leader of the Labour Party. I suspect
    that his knowledge of life outside Camden and Islington may be

    We have to remember the countryside campaign of the
    Labour Party when Blair's version were triumphant: and we must try to
    forget about those toe-curling events like the Cool Britannia parties at
    No. 10: and for younger readers, this is not a joke or a prod.

    What is much more sad and deflating is that the Labour Chief Whip was
    one Denis Carter, aka Lord Carter, perhaps one of the most decent men of
    all time in politics. All Wiltshire people who are aware will remember
    DC as an agricultural consultant who founded AKC Consultants in Devizes:
    his knowledge of rural life was second to none.

    The most painful
    episode I have ever witnessed in political life was of Dennis leading a
    meeting at the Pembroke Arms in Wilton on the subject of "What Labour
    will do for the countryside." Poor Dennis: he was embarrassed from the
    outset and the evening did nothing to alleviate his discomfort. Even at
    that early stage, it was pretty evident that Blair considered the
    countryside as a dreadful inconvenience that should be done away with
    or, at best, fenced off and ignored.

    Dennis' talk went like this:
    "We will build 67,000,000 houses and that's the way to employ country
    people. All the locals will build houses and get paid. They will then
    live in these houses and be very happy, and should there be, er, no
    work, we will build .... more houses."

    Dennis Carter was a
    supremely good man and had a comprehensive knowledge of farming and
    country matters. He did not "play" a Fender guitar. All Labour
    supporters will remember him, even though he was not a millionaire.

    Corbyn's policy? "We will build 67,000,000 houses and...." (Contd p.94).

  • Mike Noakes 'Why ever do you need the countryside when you have Tuscany?' - Blair, Toynbee and all the rest.
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  • Simon Probyn I think he grew up in Tangley near andover!
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  • Rog Rog Rog Tom
    one thing I have been dwelling on for several years now is that
    Westminster politics and indeed what I see of World politics is
    predicated on Urbanisation and Urban populations. Capitalism is an Urban
    phenomenon if you think about it and migration
    ...See More

    The 2015 General Election was a disaster for people...
  • Mike Noakes Localism
    is fine but aggregation does yield the odd benefit. Like roads between
    places, power for more than a couple of hamlets and labour and resource
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  • Tom Thatcher Blair
    on the crisis in dairy farming: " I could import all the milk we need
    tomorrow." Sums up the above discussions. Farmers were not a part of the
    UK constituency. My daughter met a very nice lass in Holborn last week
    who said, "What's the country l
    ...See More
  • Simon Probyn Maybe his parents moved to Tangley where I met him!
  • Tom Thatcher I remember the Colvins of Tangley: they were AMC customers when I was working there. Michael Colvin was a MP!
  • Mike Noakes I
    remember visiting Michael and the Hon. Nicola Colvin né Cayzer, of the
    shipping line, with the much missed David Hudson. Nicola was horrified
    that Michael had brought us into the kitchen, when obviously we should
    have been seen in the drawing room, as the kitchen was only fit for the
    NFU Mutual man, also due at the same time.
  • Rog Rog Rog Blair
    followed thatchers lead in the destruction of cabinet government with
    regal first and then presidential dominance aping corporate models of
    concentrated power imported into the executive branch of government.
    Cabinet Government is very important
    ...See More|By Roger Lewis
  • Mike Noakes Cutting to the chase, who does one devolve to in order to empower 'the countryside'?
  • Rog Rog Rog Local Authorities in the first place down to the Parish Council level ultimately Mike. The existing arrangements are bereft of political and fiscal power these days , sadly the assumed prudence of centralised fiscal governenece and removal of discretio...See More

    The 2015 General Election was a disaster for...

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