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A friend of Michael Sanden. Internet Documentary Series.

A friend Of Michael Sanden-

Filmed Live on Location
Between July 21st August
2nd 2014

Starring. Michael Sanden ( The Maestro)
Lars Lindoff ( Lasse)
& Roger Lewis.
( the Two descipolo´s)

´´It is a truism of the Renaissance workshop that
paintings were collaborative, and that work ´by´a certain artist was often only partly painted by him, the rest being done by assistants and apprentices working under his supervision. Sometimes there were contracts that restricted the amount of delegation´´.   

                                                                 para. 4. page 87 .             

  The flights of the mind.                                   by.  Charles Nicholl.

´´Perche la minestra si fredda´
´´Because the soup is getting cold´´

In August of this year I travelled to Komstad, in the Osterlund peninsular in South East Sweden to attrend the Sanden Guitars building course. The course was a 50th Birthday present from my Family, Johanna my partner and our two children, Rhiannnon and Rasmus. I first heard about the courses four years ago shortly after moving to Sweden and had hoped to be able to attend the course at some point. When I rang to book after Johanna said she and the children wanted the course to be my 50th Birthday present the August course was fully booked but Michael said he would see about the possibility of doing an earlier course for two as One of the class form August lived locally in the summer and might find it convienient to do the course earlier. Lars was able to do this and so the dates were set for 21st July to 2nd of August.

Accomodation was booked and the course which was less than a month away by this time was a fast approaching reality when it had seemed it would remain another pipe dream albeit one which would come to pass in the Spring of 2015.

I stayed at the Hotel Villa Vitae a Bed and Breakfast 5 minutes drive from the Workshop and the two weeks were a wonderfull experience documented in these 6 episodes. I do intend to edit the episodes into a one hour condensced film but the film as edited here represents some of the Sweat, concentration attention to detail and care that went into creating ´´My Guitar´´. 

I had reread the flights of the mind back in the spring of this year and the set up of the workshop and the supervision and guidance from Michael and the camraderie that Lars and I struck up drew all sorts of parrallels in my mind to the Workshop of Verrocchio where Leanardo was apprenticed and to the later workshops of Leanardo himself and the stories of Zoroastro and the workings and relationships within the studio.

´´dui suoi garzoni fano retrati, e lui a le volte in alcuno mette mano´´_ 

´´Two of his assistants make copies, and he from time to time puts his own hand to them´

(ref 80. p.232 para 3.)

So we two discipolos Lars and Roger   are found in the Bordega of master guitar builder Michael Sanden in Komstad.

Watch on....

 Episode 1 Meet the wood and Brace yourself days 1 and 2

This is a Chronilogical movie in daily episodes of the Sanden Guitar building class I attended in july/August 2014. There are 6 episodes of varying legnth. It was all filmed on a Canon Ixus digital camera and editied in Final Cut Pro 10 and Imovie 11. I built a Martin 00018 all music in the movie is played on the Guitar I built.Thanks to David Luingi ( my great friend,Classical guitarist and band member Lilagatubandet for the classical. Marcus Lindberg, Break out Guitars Halmstad, Hendrix Backdrop clips, Gary Southwell, Stauffer photo. And to Lars and Michael for being great company for two weeks in the heat of the sun and the workshop. 

Finally and above all Johanna, Rhiannon and Rasmus, my family who gave this course to me as my 50th Birthday present , the best present ever! 

Episode 2 Brace Yourself Days 3, 4 & 5.    50 mins 12 secs 


Episode 3 Its a carve up days 6 & 7.  55 mins 13 secs 


Episode 4 Days 8 - 11 Its a Bind . 36mins 39 secs


Episode 5 day 12 Assembly 28 Minutes 21 secs


Episode 6 Final Day Set up and play 27 minutes


 Friend of Michael Sanden song

Friend Of Michael Sanden.

I just completed the two week Michael Sanden, Sanden Guitars guitar building class, this guitar is the result. I wrote a Lyric to go along to the Grateful dead classic fiend of the Devil honouring Michael and the two week journey to the Komstad crossroads that he had given me and my fellow student Lars.

We came down to Komstad, we was searchin for that sound.
Couldn't get to sleep that night till mornin came around.
Set out planing but we take our time for a friend of Michael Sanden is a friend of mine.
If We get done a gluing before daylight, just might get some sleep, just might get some sleep tonite.

Ran into Mr Sanden Babe He took our Kroner Bills
Spent the night a scraping with files and chisels
Set out planing but I take my time for a friend of Michael Sanden is a friend of mine
If we get done a gluing before daylight just might get some sleep, Just might get some sleep, Just might get some sleep tonite.

I routed out the truss rod, But Michael caught me there
he gripped the neck and laid  on of his hands, ONE TOUCH!, it was perfect then I swear.

Set out planing but I take my time for a friend of Michael Sanden is a friend of mine
If I get done a sanding before daylight I just might get some sleep, just might get some sleep tonite.


Got two reasons why I tried to build my own guitar.
First ones GAS you know the score , but please don't tell my wife.
Second ones a search for tone and Michaels on my tail, if he catches up with you the warranties in the mail.

Got an axe in Sunburst and a Roots in mahogany.
First ones name is Orville but it ain’t doin it for me.

Set out strummin but I take my time for a friend of Michael Sanden is a friend of mine
If I get thru a fretting before daylight . I just might get some sleep , I just might get some sleep,
I just might get some sleep. TONITE............


Hotel Villa Vitae

For  Marie-Louise and Leif who made me most welcome when I was a guest recently whilst attending the guitar building course at Sanden Guitars Komstad. The guitar I built is the acoustic in the video.


Demo of the Guitar. 
 Demo of the guitar I made at the Sanden Guitars Building Class. 
The guitar has a very booming voice when I used a plectrum there is some distortion when I dig in as I had not left enough headroom as I hadn't anticipated doing some flat pick. Strumming the guitar is like ringing a bell , my recording technique is at fault there.

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