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Predictability probability and Knowing. Corinthians 13

I have been re reading some of my research notes this morning looking for some of my older poetry to post to, Thanks for the link I have been enjoying your poems in between rooting about on my hard drives. Anyway I was struck when writing a piece on Predictability , Probablility and knowing by two versions of Corinthians 13. One in the youngs Literal Translation which gives us Love as the theme and the other in the King James Bible that gives us Charity as the main theme.

Notes on predictability Probability and Knowing.
Here is a cut and paste from my notes.

<< 1 Corinthians 13 >>
Young's Literal Translation

1 If with the tongues of men and of messengers I speak, and have not love, I have become brass sounding, or a cymbal tinkling; 2 and if I have prophecy, and know all the secrets, and all the knowledge, and if I have all the faith, so as to remove mountains, and have not love, I am nothing; 3 and if I give away to feed others all my goods, and if I give …

Government of the Poor, By the rich for the Corporations.

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There is a fine line between capitalizing on a trend and being consistently late to the market. Financially Engineering consistent and above average business success is far more complex than rocket science."

James I agree with you it is no more complicated than very good luck or Fraud, take your pick the laws of chance preclude the former so it is usually the latter and this from John Ruskin, Unto this Last 1860, Critique of Classical Political Economy.

Pardon me. Men of business do indeed know how they themselves
made their money, or how, on occasion, they lost it. Playing a
long-practised game, they are familiar with the chances of its
cards, and can rightly explain their losses and gains. But they
neither know who keeps the bank of the gambling-house, nor what
other games may be played with the same cards, nor what other
losses and gains, far away among the dark streets, are
essentially, though invisibly, dependent on theirs in the lig…

Friend Of Michael Sanden. Building my own guitar

Friend Of Michael Sanden.

I just completed the two week Michael Sanden, Sanden Guitars guitar building class, this guitar is the result. I wrote a Lyric to go along to the Grateful dead classic fiend of the Devil honouring Michael and the two week journey to the Komstad crossroads that he had given me and my fellow student Lars.

We came down to Komstad, we was searchin for that sound.
Couldn't get to sleep that night till mornin came around.
Set out planing but we take our time for a friend of Michael Sanden is a friend of mine.
If We get done a gluing before daylight, just might get some sleep, just might get some sleep tonite.

Ran into Mr Sanden Babe He took our Kroner Bills
Spent the night a scraping with files and chisels
Set out planing but I take my time for a friend of Michael Sanden is a friend of mine
If we get done a gluing before daylight just might get some sleep, Just might get some sleep, Just might get some sleep tonite.