Buy at Farmers Markets, all the revolutionary action that is required.

The Banks have to be brought to heel. To do this we must abolish the EU and the Euro and support devolution for Scotland and also the English Counties and full devolution for Wales. The Power to create money must be placed in the commons and taken away from the Banks who abuse it to great cost of communities and social cohesion. The answer is not more Government, More Europe or more Big Business . The answer is to place power closer to the Citizen not further away. I enjoy the Daily Bells analysis of things but do not agree with their Austrian Brand of Anarcho Capitalism, similarly I agree with much of Nigel Farages analysis of the European Union and its institutions but feel he is weak on many solutions as He essentially has the same Free Market Faith delusion of many of the main stream players in Politics and business these days. 

Want to know the answer, well in my view you and me we are the answer , the answer is us we can express our choice through our actions thoughts and deeds. Let Boris Johnson buy his water cannons go to a farmers Market and buy local produce, its all the revolutionary action that is required. Similarly bank with a mutual and reject the big banks, reject debt and complain about shoddy service. Give voice to your objections and share thoughts with neighbours we are the people that will effect change not by demanding it but just by doing it in our own lives starting now!

The Daily Bell - An Ever Deeper EU to Join the Wall Street Party?


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