Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Posted this note to self it seems on Facebook last June.

Everybody's Talkin at me, But I don't hear a word they're saying,
Only the echoes of my mind,

After considerable thought and cogitation the results are in( Drum Roll) and the answer is. The World is a fucked up place! that is when one looks at Government and Business .

What I can not figure out is why the individual relationships we develop do not scale up? All the Filters that lead to power seem to be set against what one intuitively can believe in, this must be the case otherwise how are things so Arse backwards so much of the time. ( WHo ever gave a fuck about ´´MArkets´´least wise sent Markets a Christmas Card.
answers on a post card please.
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  • Roger Glyndwr Lewis Reasoning alone. I receive a foreign exchange news letter the author speaks of Stirling as if it had a personality and was an actual sentient thought the same things goes for Markets. The way ´´Markets´´are reported in the news , the following of Graphs and so forth seems like a metaphysical worship substitution to me something above us and not of us that must be worshipped and feared.
  • Roger Glyndwr Lewis It seems to me that what matters is how we inter react and relate to each other surely all relationships start from that interface between you and me, Him and her not It and me that and me or those and us. How we relate to the other without making the other abstract calls upon something with in us that we call Human our empathy our virtue our moral code our ethical backbone. So sod what the Market does we exist as a collection of intentions and motivations a market should be a tool guided by our own better natures not something to blame for things we would never own up to through feeling to ashamed to admit our part in the poverty that exists because we do not give voice to our indignation that in a world of plenty it is allowed to exist.