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A couple of Older Poems. This question Brought them to mind.

To what do degree do psychological wounds and life trauma, especially unmet childhood needs and childhood trauma, influence the different beliefs and opinions we hold?

99 flakes for sale


dminor 1st positiion

d minor 5th position

d minor 13th position

gminor fift poistion
walk down


dsharp minor d minor.

A Poem.

99 flakes for sale
in the blazing sun
you handed me one
99 flakes for sale

when it fell to the floor
I felt your hand so sore
not in comfort but anger pale
99 flakes for sale

as tears filled my eyes
each rivulet so sweet ran down
I cry in the sun and your hand asaills
99 flakes for sale


years pass and dim memories stir
and I hand a pastichio cone to my son
it drops to the floor as mine once did
I cry within and rememeber the pain
with love a cone is restored and he smiles

99 flakes for sale
99 flakes for sale

in the blazing sun
he twilrs his cone he smiles
laughter and holding tight
let one sad little boy grow to a father

he will grow to a man
we will remember this day
as I once remembered in pain
never the twain will visit our lives again.

No more pain
no more pain
heal the pain
heal the pain

99 flakes for sale
99 flakes for sale.


teach a man to fish
learn how to provide
light a fire in his mind
a spirit that once may have died

send his son to war
place a gun in his hands
tell him whats right or wrong
tell him gods on his side

send his son to school
teach him the golden rule
learn the answers well
don't get washed up in the tide

once when he was a child
he used to ask why
now he´s given answers
but the child within he sighs

send your children fishing
light bonfires for their minds
stop chasing shadows cast
by others who might lie.

teach a man to fish
learn how to provide
light a fire in his mind
a spirit that once may have died

How we act in the world has everything to do with what we have experienced and how we have interpreted or misinterpreted those experiences. I am eternally grateful to several very good psychiatrists who have worked with me over the years to re examine various Family and relationship and personal breakdowns that had proved very destructive to my well being due to my limited understanding of what who and which parts of my own psyche were involved in my life experiences .
In my own case I came to see that generalising my own personal experiences to all situations was not a terribly good metric for me and by learning alternative coping mechanisms for coping with the feelings of fear of rejection, acceptance and status projection and so forth I have found some measure of inner peace. Understanding the dynamics in both directions, looking to the root of my own reactions and listening to what people say or are not saying, learning to seek clarification have all helped me with an ongoing process of finding harmony with others and myself/selves.
I was diagnosed with Bi Polar disorder in my late 20´s it was not really until my mid 40's that I got the hang of managing my actions at both extremes of my own perceptual apparatus. I have never taken any medication but have found that seeking Balance and practising balance has had a cumulative effect in helping me to live with my selves and those selves as experienced by others. Without the huge amount of help I have had professionally i do not think I could thrive as I now do within in my Family here in Sweden.
Scaled up to a societal level balance seems lacking almost as a default setting, which saddens me, I used to Joke that most problems in society could be solved by giving people an Apple Mac computer instead of a Windows computer, having discovered GNU/ Linux and Richard Stallman I think there is more truth in that than I actually realised. Freedom of Thought and deed rests in our true selves, we protect that precious part of ourselves to the extent that we hide it so well we often can not find it ourselves , we are all Chained to a rock of expectation much as Prometheus was yet we have forgotten or may not know that we are. I have linked to this essay before in our various discussions Ricky.

When I read this I felt I had found my Slippers and Pipe besides our Log Burner.

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