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A couple of Older Poems. This question Brought them to mind.

To what do degree do psychological wounds and life trauma, especially unmet childhood needs and childhood trauma, influence the different beliefs and opinions we hold?

99 flakes for sale
dminor 1st positiion
d minor 5th position
d minor 13th position
gminor fift poistion walk down
dsharp minor d minor.
A Poem.
99 flakes for sale in the blazing sun you handed me one 99 flakes for sale
when it fell to the floor I felt your hand so sore not in comfort but anger pale 99 flakes for sale
as tears filled my eyes each rivulet so sweet ran down I cry in the sun and your hand asaills 99 flakes for sale


years pass and dim memories stir and I hand a pastichio cone to my son it drops to the floor as mine once did I cry within and rememeber the pain with love a cone is restored and he smiles
99 flakes for sale 99 flakes for sale

in the blazing sun he twilrs his cone he smiles laughter and holding tight let one sad little boy grow to a father

he will grow to a man we will r…

Veneerial Disease and other STD´s ( Socially Transmitted DIllusions.) By Head fucking.

Veneerial Disease.( VD)
Is a socially Transmitted Dillusion ( STD) communicated by Head fucking.
veneer (n.) 1702, from German Furnier, from furnieren "to cover with a veneer, inlay," from French fournir "to furnish, accomplish," from Middle French fornir "to furnish," from a Germanic source (cf. Old High German frumjan "to provide;" see furnish). A word batted back and forth from German to French to German. Figurative sense of "mere outward show of some good quality" is attested from 1868. The verb is recorded from 1728.
Veneer may refer to: Veneer (dentistry), a cosmetic treatment for teeth Veneer (album), a musical recording by José González Wood veneer, a thin facing layer of wood Masonry veneer, a thin facing layer of brick Stone veneer, a thin facing layer of stone "Veneer", a song by The Verve Pipe from Villains
Mental illness caused by late-stage syphilis was once a common form of dementia. This was known as the general…

North Korea. Narratives and Heads disappearing up arses.

I have been increasingly noticing the narrative against North Korea intensifying. Its quite a worry.

This on the BBC today

´´Testimony to the panel has included an account of a woman forced to drown her own baby, children imprisoned from birth and starved, and families tortured for watching a foreign soap opera.

The full report is expected to contain hundreds of pages of further evidence of a nationwide policy of control through terror, says our correspondent.´´

I recently read a Novel called The 100 year old man who climbed out of the window. Its a very funny book with some rye humour about historical narratives. Written by a Swedish Author I highly recommend it.

Filled with lots of adventures, Allan's life story is told in parallel to this. He eats dinner with the future President Harry S. Truman, hitchhikes with Winston Churchill, trave…

Arm Chair Anarchists and Social Media a Marriage made in heavan.

This video has only 5000 views on You tube.
The Documentary America Freedom to Fascism by Aaron Russo has about 100,000 views on its various copies posted to You tube ( it was made in 2006) In one week last week A video I had posted with a Clip from Only Fools and Horses had 150,000 views simply because one of the actors in the scene passed away, Roger Lloyd Pack ( Trigger) Its an up hill battle to get people to bother to find out what is making life less than it could be. Its great to know that Russell Brand will stick his neck out and generates comment on the issues that attract so many of us to discuss them here. David ( Golem) more of this please.