Chomsky's Chant: the Essence of Human Nature

“Government in the Future” is the narrative source of the “Chomsky’s Chant” video and was originally delivered at the YM-YWHA Poetry Center in New York on February 16, 1970. Human Nature. Noam Chomskys main points interpreting the Classical Liberal enlightenment view. 1. ´´Man is born to inquire and create. 2, Man never regards what he possesses,as so much his own, as what he does Whatever does not spring from a man’s free choice, remains alien to his true nature. 3. men who love their labor improve it by their own inventive skill and there by cultivate intellect ennoble their character and refine their pleasures. 4. We have today the technical and material resources to meet man’s animal needs We have not developed the cultural and moral resources that make possible the humane and rational use of our material wealth and power.´´ The companion Essay regarding this multimedia presentation


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