The houses of parliament that Sty of toadying Stool Pigeons.

Most of us Brits associate Argentina with the Falklands War (?) or Aussie Ardilles. This Article on the Argentine debt crisis and analysis of current court rulings regarding bond holder settlements on debt defaults is highly relevant to the directon Cameron and Clegg are driving Britain and the EU is driving most of Europe. Worth a read I'd say, what a truly awful state of affairs in British politics a plague on all their houses I say, especially the houses of parliament that Sty of toadying Stool Pigeons.

Chief Stool Pigeon keeper of the stool of the sty most high counsel of the of the City privy.

In the words of West Ham supporters of old.

´´Who's up? whos's up? Whose up, The Cities Arse?''

David Cameron Is , David Cameron is.

STFU David Cameron.


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