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AS SEEN IN NME (featured in Video Section on line magazine) (OK so its not of dead tree significance) TO VIEW ON NME 30 Minute Woodshed featured NME photo NME2.jpg

This is a lovely tune, I plan doing a few more of these Bert Jansch Classics as 30 minute wood shed lessons. The idea is to provide an intimate chatty and un rushed atmosphere in which the tunes, which can be quite challenging, can become more familiar and associated with a conversation. A sort of mind mapping of the musical content. /

Learn to play this classic with the first of my 30 minute woodshed series. If it works for you subscribe to my reverb nation channel and treat yourself or subject yourself to a download. The Video breaks the Song down into its main sections. You can download and print out the Tab here, the numbering of the tab is relative to the capo so the fret numbers apply exactly as written to the normal frets without the Capo as I demonstrate the song in the video. Just tune the low E down to t D and you are set to play.

 TAB HERE: Blackwaterside Tab by Bert Jansch @ Ultimate-Guitar.Com

 Listen to these versions to get a feel for the rhythm Heres a lInk to Songster.

 The Classic Bert Jansch.

No Capo, Love this one.

The Led Zep allbum Version


Led Zeppelin - Black Mountain Side - YouTube[/url]

Blocked but hey this isnn't

 At the Albert Hall on the Danelectro


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