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Feeding the 5000. Bejebus.

´´We are meant to be known by the 5,000 not the five billion. The people who serve the people need to choose who supplies the service. We are delighted when the public knows who we are, but really, we need to be known by the people who make decisions."

The current chief executive of the global Serco Group is 49-year-old Chris Hyman, born in Durban, South Africa. His annual remuneration is around £700,000, plus bonuses; in 2011, the value of his total package rose 18%, to £1.86m (the company's finance director had to slum it at £948,295). In 2010, Hyman was given a CBE for services to business and charity; he is also an enthusiastic fan of motor racing and an evangelical Christian

 From 1978 Feeding the 5000 album how apt.

 You're paying for prisons.
You're paying for war.
You're paying for lobotomies.
You're paying for law.
You're paying for their order.
You're paying f…

Dan Smith Strats and other Tulip manias?

Roger Lewis • Dan Smiths, mythology in the making? Jim started a thread on this last year. Mr Smith I think was the Marketing guy at Fender at the time 82/3. A band-wagon may well start to roll on the Back of this ''halcyon'' period and the set of metrics by which the quality of each possible Dan Smith will no doubt develop I personally remain highly Skeptical.
We will no doubt see that Fender themselves have bought into it when their own Custom Shop starts re - issuing examples. 2 months ago

JimUnfollow Jim Safran • ???? What??? 2 months ago

JimUnfollow Jim Safran • To paraphrase Frank Zappa "Just play yer damn guitar"and forget about all the nuances of this discussion. The reason Dan Smith Strats have a higher resale value is due to the inherent quality. The Smith designation (as with Shaw) gives us the ability to pinpoint an historic reference not to develop a mythology about one's marketing skills. I've owned and played 3 bolt (not great), 8…

Tonefreqhz, A work in progress

This is a new venture. We are developing a guitar pickup impulse response suite of products which will have Free software driving it. We have launched with a range of impulse responses called the Vintage Quality collection and will over the coming months produce the impullses from the extensive stock at Break Out Guitars Halmstad Sweden. The product is for use as a Studio plug in for re - axeing clean guitar tracks. The Product is being designed so that it will give a selection of available tones from the collection of impulses for a foot switch. The foot pedal will have a home brew Raspberry Pi / Arduino capability or our own Custom pedal will also be available. Line 6 Tone Core developer pedal is also a suitable host. The impulses can be wrapped up and used as case candy or for demo purposes by Guitar sellers or as Merch / Fan Give aways for Bands. Our product is effectively doing what AcmeBarGifts Red Shift pick up replacer does just with actual Guitar impulses. Our impul…

Let Them eat Cake Live Acoustic

Always cite your sources heres a few.

On Line DOcument with links to reading and Video SOurce information.

A conversation about Money and Debt.
I subscribe to an online blog that regularly sends Market analysis and I find the information really quite helpful to try to make sense of what is currently happening in our Economy and why.
I personally believe that the current situation is worse than in 2007/2008 as the Central Banks *( Which are essentially controlled privately ( certainly the Fed) are allowing the concentration of more power into a smaller number of huge Global Banking Brands, we are asked to believe that stronger regulation and a stricter enforcement of liquidity ( Reserves(shareholder capital) to Issue of Debt money, will prevent what happened in 2007/2008. This is an over optimistic view which rem…

Free Guitar Lesson, Learn a New Tune today. Be the Changes you want to hear in the world.

AS SEEN IN NME (featured in Video Section on line magazine) (OK so its not of dead tree significance) TO VIEW ON NME

This is a lovely tune, I plan doing a few more of these Bert Jansch Classics as 30 minute wood shed lessons. The idea is to provide an intimate chatty and un rushed atmosphere in which the tunes, which can be quite challenging, can become more familiar and associated with a conversation. A sort of mind mapping of the musical content. /

Learn to play this classic with the first of my 30 minute woodshed series. If it works for you subscribe to my reverb nation channel and treat yourself or subject yourself to a download. The Video breaks the Song down into its main sections. You can download and print out the Tab here, the numbering of the tab is relative to the capo so the fret numbers apply exactly as written t…

24 Hours of Daylight. Farming in Umea

My father in law is a mobile combine harvester engineer and was telling me about a client who grows Malt 10 hours drive North of Stockholm. The planting season is Late May early June, The Snow goes around the second week of May and is back some time in October. But he plants and harvests along with his neighbors several thousand acres most years ( Last Year the Snow beat the Harvest window.) The point being there is 22 hrs of Sunlight June July August September. This made me think about the Solar energy implications in a linked system Nothern and southern hemispheres. Obviously its an interesting example of how our pre disposed notions of what is possible can be challenged?

DateSunriseSunsetLengthChangeDawnDuskLengthChangeToday03:2422:0518:4101:2223:5922:37+1 day03:2722:0218:3500:06 shorter01:3323:5022:1700:20 shorter+1 week03:4621:4317:5700:44 shorter02:1723:0920:5201:45 shorter+2 weeks04:0821:2017:1201:29 shorter02:5322:3219:3902:58 shorter+1 month04:5620:2515:2903:12 shorter03:5921…

Reality Check, University of Life. Your Place or mind?

My reading into concepts of reality have got as far as this song which I am now going to work up into a 3 minute arrangement with necessary editing etc.

I was not going to post any of my doodling as I wrote the song but Nik ( Thermionik) has been chatting with me over on MLP forum and I responded with this post as follows

You must speak quietly, Roger.
There are many here who would
shoot intellectuals on sight, and
we might get caught in the crossfire.....

Heres the Current Draft Lyric for my Reality song, the tune is a mash up of a 12 bar in A, Soul Man riff and also the hook from Get back by the Beatles. Some work to do on the arrangement and lyrics I intend to index the references to different source material which I read and what the verses are references too. Such as Nicolas Taleb, fooled by Randomness.



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