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In Memory of Jud Evans

Jud( George) Evans 1935-2013 RIP I learned a lot from Jud in our discussions here. I do not want to be mushy in memory and respect for Juds´ elliminatavism


Juds web site is diiscontinued a full archive of recoverable posts may be found here.
Also see comments.

Jud (George) Evans Tribute 1935 - 2013

I was thinking of Jud this morning and felt I should get in touch I had noticed his absence from discussion. Heres Jud on eliminativism. Metaphysics, epistemology and logic. - part II RESPONSE FOUR Jud: The eliminativist does not simply wish to destroy the mythic domain of metaphysics, but to help folk understand that the metaphysical Post Code or Zone Number and its actual mapping address is NOT some great Plantonist emporeum of heavenly forms and signs which hovers like some air-borne Noah’s Arc in the sky. Metaphysical signs and other fictive coding maps to the thinking brain-meat of every man woman and child on the planet who deals in such useful fiction depending upon the local metaphysical menu and religious frenzies in favour at the time. The conceptualizations of metaphysics form part of the archival electrochemical printery of all human brains. In the metaphorical meaty-movable-type system each of us acts as his own printer’s devil. How emotively hard we thump the data into its fleshy entablature controls whether the memory-data will be a short-term flyer or a long-term archived datergic document. But enough of metaphor, as such imprintation exists in physical electrochemical format – a semiotic format that as yet (in spite having the ability to view the brain-tissue in great detail) science has not yet managed to crack the code. But the neurophysiological Rosetta Stone will be discovered. So transfer the whole mess of Metaphysics lock, stock and falderal to the domain where it truly belongs and has resided before mankind lived caves, or even before our homo forebears sheltered in the African savannah sheltered by the blessed branches of baobab trees. Best wishes, Jud Posted by Jud Evans

I am sad to hear this news. I discussed philosophy with Jud through Linked in and had been missing his contributions I feared the worse this morning and posted in his memory today. Jud was a great guy we never met but his warmth and humanity were evident from our brief correspondence and in discussion and he had a wonderful turn of phrase. Cheers Jud I will miss you.In memory of Jud.

Written in June 2013, on learning of Juds Passing.

Edit (9th August 2016) on discovering an internet archive of Juds evans-experientialism web site(Link at end of Quote from Juds Essay Ravello a Requiem.

Jud I thought had gone but on discovering the eternal archive of Evans experientialism he tells me, he and his late first wife, are still sitting on a bench halfway up 4000 steps in Minori, Amalfi.

Ravello a Requiem.(Excerpt)

'' In the early afternoon, half way down, close to a wayside religious shrine, we came across a seat for weary travellers. Gratefully we stopped for refreshment. Quietly we sat together eating our meal of sandwiches, delicious tomatoes and green olives. We flushed it down with dark red country wine. The fragrance of the herbs and wild flowers, which surrounded us, was an overpowering and heady mix. Sitting closely together, my arm around her thin shoulders, we gazed out at the stupendous views of the sea and the coast, which spread out below us in both directions. We could see the ribbon of the coastal road that winds its way between Sorrento to Salerno in the distance. Those moments there in the sun were electric. They were charged with a rare and special potency. We were caught in an immortal continuum. It was as if time had stopped and snared us in continuum of experience. I was enwrapped with my lovely wife in an ever-redeemable present. We'll never leave that place. Time has suspended us there together in an immortal duality. Perhaps one day you'll tread that path down to Minori. You may chance upon that traveller’s bench. You'll see us sitting there together, as we always are and as we always will be, gazing silently out to sea. There we'll remain always, until the warm winds and gentle Mediterranean rains have completed their work of erosion and Ravello and the mountain are no more''.

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