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A comment I made in the Economist 2 years ago.

The source of denialApr 22nd 2011, 08:56
This article as far as it goes is a promising start then here comes the "BUT" and a very big but it is too.
Any amount of austerity is a self defeating prophesy as all money is currently created as debt and only enough is produced to cover the initial principal not the interest and there you have it the Western obsession with growth rates and inflation the whole partisan political farce is based on a fallacy the system is based on debt and there not being enough money to redeem it.
What is required is a return to sound and Honest money where the means of exchange is issued and regulated by Governments not private banking Companies(Institutions?).
The current system ran out of road in 2007 and stupidly we bailed it out instead of tackling the root problem a further false Golden Goose was made in the image of the old one and we were all encouraged to believe we had not been seduced. Start looking at the Means of Production and human pot…

Signs Symbols Stories Language. Winston/Chomsky.( MIT)

Signs Symbols Stories Language.
Winston/Chomsky.( MIT)
Understanding in our minds and what we express through communication in language are not systems designed to compliment each other . This leads to confusions and the disjoint can be manipulated against our own best interests.
I have been pondering lately whether in Sweden a country that uses a language with 41,000 words; (approx.)
One way to get an estimate of the number of words in the Swedish language is to look at a dictionary. The online Woxikon dictionary lists over 41,000 Swedish words. It is interesting to note that more words started with “s” than any other, by far, and the least number of words started with “q” and “x.” This is only a rough estimate of the number of words in the Swedish language.
The Second Edition of the 20-volume  Oxford Engl…