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Copenhagen Guitar Show.

I am very excited to be exhibiting at the Copenhagen Guitar show 6th and 7th October.

HAd some fun yesterday making a video for our local Guitar store.

I am selling my Vintage guitar collection hence the stand at the show and concentrating on a single electric modeling guitar a subject I have been studying for 3 years .

I think I will end up combining several guitars to get exactly what I want.

Financialisation. How to invade Poland with no Tanks.

Roger LewisThis is a must read. Michael Hudson is at the bleeding edge of the fight against the MSM propagated economic myths. ... Financialisation, rent seeking and the tapeworm economy. The reification of Free Market Neo-Liberal ideology. The Fourth Reich established without the need of sending Tanks into Poland, How Novel. naked
This edited transcript is expanded from a live phone interview with Michael Hudson by Dimitris Yannopoulos for Athens News. It summarises some of the major themes from Hudson's new book, The Bubble and Beyond: Fictitious...

WIlliam Gladstone. Does Liberal still equate to tolerance and rights of the Individual.

A visit to the web site for the William Gladstone Library inspired this comment on a blog from the Library entitled Why I am a Liberal.

Contrasted with this very powerful deconstruction of the bastsrdisation of the Liberal viepoint, particularly of, the importance of Individual rights in a community context.

I discovered the Gladstone Library looking for a favourite quote from Ruskin in the Viens of Wealth from his Unto this Last series of essays.

As summary Kant named these four kinds of government:

A Law And Freedom without Violence (Anarchy)
B Law And Violence without Freedom (Despotism)
C Violence without Freedom And Law (Barbarism)
D Violence with Freedom And Law (Republi…