The Swiss Hot bed of Anarchist Democracy and Cynical Bankers.

The Swiss System of Government is an interesting one, it is a highly regionalised model based on Cantons and important decisions are made locally within the cantons.
Switzerland is a rather unusual case in many ways but a case it is for Anarchistic flat organisational structures.
Here is a link to an interesting Anarchist blog called Government by Contract, based on the Swiss Canton model. Stakeholder oversight and consultation is what prevents the tall poppyś from becoming Triffids.

In Scandanavia there is a concept of the jantelagen, this is the subject of a blog I did last year on Tall poppyś.

Solons Reforms and this blog on an ironic reading of Plutarch by a Greek mystified by his own countries travails, also worth a read.

Finally its the Money Power that requires sorting out to restore some sort of valid representative democracy. This is a very good talk on the Positive money site about
Money supply destruction as debt is repaid. The parallels to the 1930's are very scarily analogous, the drums of war are beating ever louder.


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