Launch of Guitarvisation and salesvisation


Viking sound Cooperative in association with are pleased to announce the newest sensation on the Internet.

Based on the successful video social media platform, 123 flash, the site provides real time video interaction between Guitarists Jamming, Teachers and students interacting and touring musicians sharing tips and tricks backstage on the tour bus and from digs. Truly a cooperative structure artists and teachers receive a fair share % of revenue voted democratically  by cooperative members. Air guitar miles which members and fans can collect or purchase are fully convertible to cash via pay pal or on line banking, details on the site.

salesvisation is also being launched by the cooperative as an on line interactive shopping experience with mom and pop music stores and independent craft retailers. Live on line interactive gear demos and sales consultations  available on line and also tech and gear tips. Virtual shopping malls of independent main street now!

We are accepting applications for Teaching and Touring musicians now ready for the main site roll out in September beta testing with introductory bonuses and special prizes are up for grabs for early adopters whilst we iron out the inevitable server glitches.

Applications are also being accepted for retail cooperative members. Call today for more detail, it is the same democratic fair share structure as described above. More details will be published on the beta site shortly. ( Skype is encouraged). Always leave a message if we are busy we will get back to you..


Roger G Lewis. Joint Founder member  Viking Sound Cooperative.

skype: rogerglewis
Grasloksvagen 21, 26697, Hjarnarp, Sweden
Land Line 0431 455416 ( Sweden 0046 )


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