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History as Tradgedy

They do say follow the trail of money and Profit is the objective of Capitalism. Is the Right to issuing the worlds money rightly in the hands of Central Banks should it be more regionalised even localised. Should the Money Power be placed back in the hands of the people or their elected representatives through public trusts. What is a Stakeholder Economy who are the stakeholders in the international Giobal economy.
What is the Public Institute of Finance what is who the hell is Ben Bernake whats his real job?
Who is Fredrick Soddy who is Steve Keen,David Greiber, Michael Hudson, David Harvey , Nicolas Taleb. Emanuel Kant anyone?
What is MMT, What is FIAT money, What is Fractional reserve Banking, what really causes inflation and who benefits?
Was Adam Smit a plagerist, who was John Stewart Milne was Karl Marx a Philiosopher Economist? Was Milton Freidman mis represented by Thatcher and Reagan?
SO who writes the Narrative and to what purpose, If it aint broke b'don't fix it? SO who says its not Broke. What was all the fuss about at Muscle Shoals.
History Repeats itself first as Farce and then as Tragedy ( Karl Marx) we are up to the tragedy bit again?

Clarification Correction.

John Stewart Milne ( Sorry Joseph its an incorrect recollection confusing John Stewart Mill with Sir James Steurt who was another Economist as well known as and more highly regarded than Smith at the time much of Steurts ideas were watered down and re worked by Adam Smith. In The invention of Capitalism by Michael Perleman he is very thorough in his detailed analysis of Smiths plagerism of Steuart. the idea of Primative accumulation ( the Land Clearances were part of this process) adam smith was a real denier of the excesses of the ruling elite that drove people from the land into poverty to flea starvation. Steuart was much more upfront about the process and why he thought it actually necessary.
Michael Peleman talks quite a bit about Mill too hence my incorrect recollection I read the perleman book last year must re read it. ... &q&f=false

Heres a specific Paper considering Adam Smiths Borrowings and his indebtedness to Sir James Steuart and  others.

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