Thursday, 2 June 2011

I am missing my Music

I have spent 6 weeks studying to a level sufficient to challenge the orthodoxy's of modern finance in concerned circles but Oh how I miss my Music studies.

A brief respite on a friends Facebook Page.

Thomas Van Glabeke
Hi Matt, I don't know if this is good a place to ask this. But I've always wondered how to create a nice finger tapping sequence over a series of chords, is there a typical pattern that is mostly used? Which notes to pick? My knowledge of theory is very modest!
    • Matthew Sear 
      As you know (being a RR fan), the early examples of tapping in rock guitar (aside from Van Halen who took the style to a whole new area) are using the arpeggios of the chords, that make up the harmonies of a song, e.g Flying High Again/ C...See More
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    • Thomas Van Glabeke 
      Thanks Matt, I'll get more in depth about this in a few weeks. I'm studying for my exams now (so are others in my family) and therefore I can't play guitar whenever I want. The sun.. Today was sunny, yesterday pouring rain! And the day befo...See More
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    • Roger Glyndwr Lewis 
      Thomas a good way of looking at it and getting into it is first to consider how you would tap a G Chord at the 3rd Frett with the classic open fingering, 2 3 0 0 3 3, tapping the Octave you hold the classic shape and tap 14 15 12 12 15 15. ...See More
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