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From Little Acorns

From Little Acorns.
Or : Quo plurinum posset Lex mathmatica

From Little Acorns Grow Might Oaks. A manifesto For Anarchy.

Roger Lewis • Speaking as a peaceful Anarchist James I would say there is rather less to fear from Anarchy than the Oligarchs and their Control syndromes and their economic wars. 
We are I agree on something of a knife edge Mobilising to Mass Protest and Peaceful withdrawal of labour from the Industrial machine Is what I advocate. I also wholeheartedly encourage sovereign default on government debt Iceland has set a fantastic example that the other so called Piigs should follow. The loyalties of a government should surely be to its citizens is that not what we are taught at School? 
As an anarchist( its not really a classification I like but a pigeon hole that without to much procrastination I seem to suit) it may surprise you to know that I do not believe there is any inconsistency with being an anarchist and not wanting to see what is pedalled as the Nightmare of Anarchy. Anarchy is about absolute personal liberty and we all should have a right to make our own decisions I can conceive of very sophisticated societies/communities true to Anarchist philosophy Anarchy does not preclude the notion of community even society it does however disavow the rule of Law but would not deny the Natural law , The Laws of Nature are at the end of the day the only laws to which any of us are subject and they are the spiritual laws and the Laws of God whatever our god is My God is the God of Nature and I answer to Nature and Nature alone and The creation of Nature which is the Universe and therefore my god is a Universal God.

Mighty oaks from little acorns grow


Great things may come from small beginnings.


Mighty oaks from little acorns growThe word acorn doesn't come from 'oak' and 'corn', as is popularly supposed, but from the Old English 'aecern', meaning berry or fruit. The tree genus Acer comes from the same root.
Before oaks were mighty they were first either great, tall, sturdy or even just big. Examples of early variants of 'mighty oaks from little acorns grow' are found in Geoffrey Chaucer's Troilus and Criseyde, 1374,
"as an ook cometh of a litel spyr" [a spyr, or spire, is a sapling]
Thomas Fuller's Gnomologia, 1732:
"The greatest Oaks have been little Acorns."
and in an essay by D. Everett in The Columbian Orator, 1797:
"Large streams from little fountains flow, Tall oaks from little acorns grow."
The Oxford Dictionary of Quotations states that 'great oaks from little acorns grow' is a 14th century proverb. Unfortunately, they don't include any details to support their view.
The 'mighty' version is known, in the USA at least, from the middle of the 19th century. It appeared in A. B. Johnson's The Philosophical Emperor a Political Experiment, 1841.
See also: the List of Proverbs.

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