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The Road Ahead.

Was Watching A Michael Lydon  Video earlier , What got me started with Music ( See below) he Quotes Bob Dylan,'' Those that aren't busy Living are Busy Dieing'' . For some reason it lead me to want to share a post I made in a Guitar Forum explaining why I don't play my guitar all the time and Why performing isn't the main objective for me that said I am now starting to think about Joining Starting a band ,so never say never.



Philip I have been messing about with it for an hour and it is very much like logic it gels with Amplitube very well and has a really nice graphic interface I think a half day of familiarisation and I'll be good to go it is amazingly economical on CPU
useage   and it will be interesting to see what the recording reproduction quality is Like.

Jorge the technical aspects of recording music and the production side of internet b…

The Revolving Door of Governement and Corporations AKA Fascism.

Dumping of toxic waste in the UK
Between 1965 and 1972, Monsanto paid contractors to illegally dump thousands of tons of highly toxic waste in UK landfill sites, knowing that their chemicals were liable to contaminate wildlife and people. The Environment Agency said the chemicals were found to be polluting groundwater and the atmosphere 30 years after they were dumped.[72]
The Brofiscin quarry, near Cardiff, erupted in 2003, spilling fumes over the surrounding area, but the local community was unaware that the quarry housed toxic waste.
A UK government report shows that 67 chemicals, including Agent Orange derivatives, dioxins and PCBs exclusively made by Monsanto, are leaking from one unlined porous quarry that was not authorized to take chemical wastes. It emerged that the groundwater has been polluted since the 1970s.[73] The government was criticised for failing to publish information about the scale and exact nature of this contamination. According to the Environment Agency it c…

A BIT MORE ON US Mortgage Fraud ( By the Banks not the borrowers)

Naked Capitalism Link

This link refers to cases where syndicated mortgages have not been properly conveyed in the US
I am looking for instances in the UK where I am suspicious that similar misdeeds abound.

These improper syndicated Mortgage pools are driving the Foreclosure( repossession) Agenda and the longer term sensible work out of short term problems for borrowers cut  loose in a Mortgage Desert of the the banks own design is adding insult to injury. The actions of the Banks in saving themselves are being placed above the Law and there is little protection if any by government of the ordinary Borrower \ tax payer.

Export Boom predicted for D&G Straight Jackets

This just in From Milan.
Following extensive research on the current management of the Lunatic Assylm D &G have identified that the Lunatics are indeed in control. Expect to see many wonderful creations on the Autumn Cat Walks as the
Taste for all things Chic should lure the International Elites into something rather safer for the rest of us.

Guido may be gloomy but he really does call it as he sees it and I reckon he calls it spot on.
No pulled punches but knowing the truth has to be the preferred way out of this mess.
The Lunatics are now running the Asylum, lets start making straight Jackets I predict strong international export markets.

Bankings innovation on the Faustian Pact

Hello Judderbar,

Taxes are at the bottom of this as is the cost of having the money created to pay the taxes ( interest on debt money).

Actually a new bond that Ford suggests is not draining money from the economy it is just adding to it just without the interest element. It does in effect dilute the value of the money already in existence but thast is also the case with how  the money is loaned into existence by the banks today. the effective money supply inflates in both cases.

The very public cost of the bail outs of the banks  have been very galling to the public due to several reasons.

First the apparent lack of humility of the banks. This crisis  is seen to be and i think rightly so, to be a crisis of their own design.

Second the Banks were quick to re open business as usual on the Gravy train created by the Bail out money from QE
whilst letting the rest of the real economy or Main street go to hell.

thirdly the combination of austerity measures and tax rises that have been the…

Have Banks Killed their Golden Goose

Link no longer works here is the New positive Money Web site
Positive Money Forum • View topic - People here are misunderstanding modern banks:

This link will take you back to the Old Posiitive Money site for commentsd and stuff that you are looking for if its there.

A link for finding old discussions on the Positive Money Forum.

 "If you say so? rather a lot of people seem to be getting rather upset about Basle 3 if it really is that simple and perhaps when the fat lady has sung it will become that simple again.
For now I fear the Goose that laid the golden egg is up for the chop.

The Goose with the Golden Eggs

by Aesop

A CERTAIN MAN had the good fortune to possess a Goose that laid him a Golden Egg every day. But dissatisfied with so slow an income, and thinking to seize the whole treasure at once, …

Some more Notes on Mortgages, Securitisation and Repossession/foreclosure.

I am developing my model of how the securitisation Food Chain of mortgage debt is structured. My latest discovery is that the Default and foreclosure agenda is driven by distribution contracts for the securitised Mortgage pools, nothing to do with the original Lender/borrower relationship.

Further insights from the American experience of MERS and the infamous recent cases of banks trying to foreclose properties never the subject of a mortgage charge in the first place are all very illuminating. My task is slightly complicated by the difference between the US and UK laws and the further complication of Mortgage and securities Laws being State originated and not Federal. All good stuff and actually quite enjoyable to study when one gets locked into the obsessive detail.

Anyway heres my typical cut and paste mix and match, I started my spreadsheet model today and hope to develop it to a publishable state in a week or so. It may well be sooner if inspiration strikes and the Gods of Googl…