You can help protect nature -- Join our Great Places Network... it's FREE!

You can help protect nature -- Join our Great Places Network... it's FREE!

The same thought occurred to me as Mr Harris. I came here looking for some facts not statements like .

"We worked to guide disbursement of $24.5 million in offsite mitigation funding leading to bold emphasis is yours in the doesn't cut nd paste.\
If we can make offsets a normal part of project costs associated with development – as regular business practice for fully internalizing the costs of biodiversity impacts – funding available for conservation can exceed other funding sources by orders of magnitude.

So I'm supposed to go away happy with that ? I'm reading on around your site but do feel a corporate speak leakage into a promising ecosytem ultimately doomed to destroy both your potential effectiveness. A common problem from Sleeping with the enemy Platonically they invariaby will try to seduce you and if they don't get to Screw you they'll Rape you anyway.


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