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Plurality Pluralism alogaries still life and family

Random Shakespeare.

A friend suggested that the Quote '' Now I shall reveal my darker purpose “ From King Lear summed up a plot of twists.

Heres our exchange ,

I was wondering what to believe about Bio Fuels and whetehr on balance they were useful in one capacity or another.
re: mindful of vague recollections of abuse of the rights of indigenous aboriginal amazonian peoples. Is Brazil protecting those rights now, I really don't feel comfortable taking anything for granted

Its very mixed - yes and no, very much the last frontier, cowboys and indians, big corporaitons bribing local politicians and regulators while the government passes laws that mean well..
I live a long way from Amazonia. But, interestingly, the most respected main-stream Braziilian poltician in this field, Cristovam Buarque, is going to write the forward for the Brazilian edition of Gaian Democracies and hopefully collaboate on the next book, so I should get an up-close view before long.

re plot twists?

Lear? "Now I shall reveal my darker purpose"?

On 7 May 2011 07:54, Roger Lewis  wrote:
Hi Roy,

BIO Fuels

I was interested to see Sweden also has a deal with Tanzania and also learned today of the Swedish target to be zero dependant on fossil oils by 2020.

I had already seen that Brazil is completely self sufficient in its oil requirements Roy I am now looking at all the arguments that relate to land allocation, Deforestation, the sustainability stuff informed by my reading on Primitive accumulation and mindful of vague recollections of abuse of the rights of indigenous aboriginal amazonian peoples. Is Brazil protecting those rights now, I really don't feel comfortable taking anything for granted in this parrallel universe of competing claims and counterclaims with competing agendas?

There are so many conspiracy theorists terrorists and a positive ben and jerry's baskin robbins array of flavours. Favourite phrase of the day so far

Green is the New Red, very clever good web site would love to get my hands on the book.

some reading into Monsanto I know my former business partners professors both at the --- ------------- of agro economy certain -------- and ------------- have lobbied for and had grants from MonSanto back then I didn't find what they did of any interest they were investors and I was busy making us all too much money? I'm kind of regretting I can't pick their brains from the inside now given that we ended up in a 3 year high court case when they sued me for £12million but I am kind of getting a picture of how the world works. I used to work for Shell the oil company as well back in the mid 80's again I can't think of anyone still there a good friend had risen quite far but died of cancer about 5 years ago so i can't ask him what he knows. Its like a particularly fast moving thriller and I'm finding myself getting lost at times in the plots counter plots sub plots and new characters appearing all the time which Shakespeare play would you suggest is the most akin?

I thought I'd take a closer look at lear I was wondering which play perchance to walk to run to smile come from thinking in terms of Divide and rule about the random nature of things and the . Somehow I ended up here . instead.

Usfruct and Usurary.

Usufruct is the legal right to use and derive profit or benefit from property that belongs to another person, as long as the property is not damaged

Usury ( /ˈjuːʒəri/, from Medieval Latin usuria, "interest", or from Latin usura, "interest") originally was the charging of interest on loans; this included charging a fee for the use of money, such as at abureau de change. In places where interest

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