Wednesday, 20 June 2018

“They Would Not dance and They would Not follow me”

My Thesis in this Post is that Religious Orthodoxy as opposed to Religious conformism are two separate things and Orthodox traditions have more to agree upon than Conformist traditions.
I use conformist in the sense of Conforming to the Strictures of a Branch or school of thought within an over arching religious/State/Political Structure.

I have been struck by the themes of Orthodox beginnings lapsing into king making and idolatry, King Making and breaking into Iconoclasm and from there to orthodoxy refreshed.

Abraham, Moses, Jesus and Mohammad all suggest a refreshing of Orthodoxy back to the Simple word of god as Truth and Love it is later figures who then weave spells with words and concepts which seek to usurp what human beings have in their hearts and minds given as truth from being at one with the Creation, and the Creator, if you have a Religious Faith.