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trying to make sense of it all The Slag, Mutual Aid and Why are we Here. Novak

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THE SUNDAY ESSAY: trying to make sense of it all

Must Read Sunday essay at the Slog.
Me4518ECU Some blogpost titles can sound like a hostage to fortune before you’ve even read a word beyond the headline. The late Stephen Hawking said he would one day understand Time completely….but then ran out of time. The comic science fiction writer Douglas Adams decided, by contrast, that the secret of the Universe was ’42’. But in this essay, I will work on a smaller stage: a tiny speck of dust, to be more accurate, called Earth – and the current situation of one of its more successful and intelligent species, Homo sapiens. Believe me, once you get into things even at this level, it’s a dauntingly complicated landscape. The trick is to reduce our multi-faceted existence to something everyone can grasp, and then decide what our future might be along the road ahead….rather than looking in the rear-view mirror of ideological faith. There is no other route left open…
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Gordon Brown when UK Chancellor was a great opponent of The Siege Economy. But then Gordoooom was a complex man and depressive Aspergers victim who used the word ‘Global’ – pronounced “Globbul” so many times, towards the end of his mercifully brief Premiership, he uttered the words “Globbul problems require globbul soloootions” so many times, he sounded like a Turkey careering around the farmyard:”Globbul Globbul Globbul Globbul Globbul” ad nauseam, until Farmer Giles the Voter finally put him out of his misery with a meat cleaver.
Priceless, Gordon end to boom and bust stuffed, trussed and oven ready!
As a very amusing flag announced at the Roma v Liverpool match last week, ‘Rome wasn’t built in a day – that was Birkenhead’.
and very droll.
Another Scouser gave us all a lesson in Life Last night Tony Bellew. Watch the whole fight, it was Epic.
Some other motto’s of the Evidence is an inconvenient trifle type.
“No True Scotsman” and “when did you stop beating your wife”.
I only have one quibble with you John on this great essay, Which is forst among Equals, Oil or Debt. My own researches point to Debt being the Foundation of the Petro Dollar hegemony, the debt based Fed based Dollar and Usury, You mention Bentham in dispatches if you read In defense of Usury you will find that Bentham labored under similar hierarchical mistakes a per pro Usury, money and wealth/manufactures Agriculture.
On Models of Symbiotic Cooperative polity you will have to go a long way to find better than this on Curiosity Stream and the film Why are here by David Malone.
Mutual Aid: A Factor of Evolution
Peter Kropotkin
Consequently, when my attention was drawn, later on, to the relations between Darwinism and Sociology, I could agree with none of the works and pamphlets that had been written upon this important subject. They all endeavoured to prove that Man, owing to his higher intelligence and knowledge, may mitigate the harshness of the struggle for life between men; but they all recognized at the same time that the struggle for the means of existence, of every animal against all its congeners, and of every man against all other men, was “a law of Nature.” This view, however, I could not accept, because I was persuaded that to admit a pitiless inner war for life within each species, and to see in that war a condition of progress, was to admit something which not only had not yet been proved, but also lacked confirmation from direct observation.
After having discussed the importance of mutual aid in various classes of animals, I was evidently bound to discuss the importance of the same factor in the evolution of Man. This was the more necessary as there are a number of evolutionists who may not refuse to admit the importance of mutual aid among animals, but who, like Herbert Spencer, will refuse to admit it for Man. For primitive Man — they maintain — war of each against all was the law of life. In how far this assertion, which has been too willingly repeated, without sufficient criticism, since the times of Hobbes, is supported by what we know about the early phases of human development, is discussed in the chapters given to the Savages and the Barbarians.