Sunday, 6 May 2018

How big a lead does Labour need, Local elections Extrapolations and other Strapons.-

How big a lead does Labour need in the local elections to be on course to win the next general election?

Check out some proper analysis in the calm reflective light of reason not the heat of media demanded soundbite hype.
By Stephen Fisher.
People often wonder what local election results bode for the next general election. Here is a quick look at the relationship between the BBC Projected National Share of the vote (PNS) in the local elections and the outcome of subsequent general elections. In particular, I focus on the lead for the main opposition party over the principal governing party. The graphs below show the lead at the subsequent general election plotted against the lead in the PNS.
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There is a paradigm shift taking place in Media based pedagogy and that shift is uncomfortable for and widely misunderstood and/or  unrecognised, by establishment corporate media.

There is a Meta Physics related to the denial and projection of the Corporate Establishment seeking to shoe horn their own falsified beliefs and mantras onto the Landscape of stubborn facts that make up reality.


"Whenever you get two people interpreting the same data in different ways,"  "that's metaphysics." is a quote from an interview published in Scientific American with Thomas Khun the coiner of the term and proposer of the concept of paradigm shifts.

We are not in the habit of stating the limits of which, what we believe and state as fact, will remain to be true and stand up to scrutiny. We tend to state our claims as if they were absolutes much of the time.

Events will dictate the narratives but the writer of the narrative is not now the Corporate establishment Media.

The UKIP Collapse has caused havoc in the prediction models of the pollsters as has the engagement of Floating or previously dis-engaged voters.

In the US election in 2016, early on in the Republican primaries, it was evident that Donald Trumps inexperience meant his Ground Game, as the Americans call it was very poor. He, (Trump) changed that by the time the primaries came around. It was Hilary Clinton who failed to learn from her own appalling and complacent Ground game in the primaries against Bernie Sanders ( rigged as they were) and she carried over her arrogance and blame everyone and every thing bar herself into the Contest with the Rookie Trump.

I made this video at the time.

Need I say more?



Michael Moore made a Speech before the US Election last year explaining why people would vote for Donald Trump. He could have made the same speech about Bernie Sanders but the Democrat Establishment wanted Hilary Clinton. Hillary Clinton has striking similarities to Theresa May, with a Long Track Record which is a Cupboard out of Which Skeletons continue to fall. I did a Blog about that Speech, this Video is an adaptation of Michael Moores Words for the Story of Mr Corbyn, Jeremy Corbyn, Jeremy the people's Candidate for the Many and not the Few.


I would urge everyone who can to watch Mr Moore's Film and also watch his others too they are thoughtful and important social documentaries which are also entertaining. Mr Moore is though an entertainer and showman, no less than Mr Trump and as we all know, unlike The Super Smart Mrs Clinton. In TrumpLand Mr Moore does give both sides of the Trump Story he does not do that at all with Mrs Clinton. In giving Both Sides of the Trump Story he may have miscalculated that Rust Belt Polemic just resonates so powerfully. Moores attempt to pull back from the Wisdom of a Huge FU is predicated on the idea that the British people regret their Brexit Vote. MrMoore should, as much as anyone knows that you can not rely on 'Facts' gleaned from the mainstream media.