Wednesday, 11 April 2018

Hell Hath No Fury Like An Amero-Zionist Scorned #DumberandDouma #RusdsianCollusion #GoldenShowers #

The Dumber and Douma Times Herald Tribune Post.

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The Steele dossier

Instead, the Russian presidential election – which would have been the perfect time to stage such an operation for maximum destabilizing effect – came and went without a hitch, and the retreating “rebels” reportedly left behind incriminating chemical weapons laboratories in the Damascus suburbs that they could have either destroyed or utilized to stop the Syrian Arab Army’s (SAA) liberation advance. Nothing of the sort happened, nor did the US and its allies like “Israel” intervene to save their proxy forces. For all intents and purposes, they appear to have made a deliberate decision to hold off on this false flag provocation and its preplanned military follow-up aggressions even though it would have been more “opportune” for them to have staged everything weeks ago.

Hell Hath No Fury Like An Amero-Zionist ScornedIt can only be guessed whether or not – and if so, how – Russia might have convinced the US and its allies that President Assad would attend the Ankara Summit, but going with what would have been this game-changing idea for a moment, it would in retrospect explain why they delayed their false flag chemical weapons scenario for so long and only went forward with it after their expectations were crushed following the Syrian leader’s refusal to “play his role”. Should this have been the case, then “Israel’s” feeble missile strike would have just been a message to Moscow that it had better get Damascus to acquiesce to some kind of political “compromise” as soon as possible otherwise something much worse might be in store for the Arab Republic.