What do you get if you mix Twitter, Medium, Reddit, Ethereum (or tokens/money), the Inter-Planetary File System (IPFS) and MetaMask?
Akasha, a project in development for two years and still very much in development, has reached a milestone in launching a web3 front-end, making the decentralized communal space more accessible to all.
Naturally, we had to try it. We’ve been keeping an eye on this since what feels like forever, so couldn’t possibly miss the opportunity of seeing how it has developed in the past two years.
I Downloaded it and Have it all working but this is the only way to Share what will be the Next Big Thing, this is because what is useable now is on a private test net, anyone can have ago but public links to the seam diven serve based web arenot possble from this test Net this is fordevelopment and debugging reasons not because it is not doable, It is.

Bigger than Facebook and Bigger than Amazon and no Centralised Censoring authoritarian meglomaniacal  Billionaire Arseholes to fuck it all up and tell Big Brother!
Welcome to the Brand New Shiny Web3 , Uncensorable and the key to Democracy, Free Speech and Honest Money. 

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