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More on Tesla Model 3.

Ranjan Balakumaran shared a link.
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Group tries to find way to push electric cars into mainstream while turning a profit

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Luke Cee Not cheap by any measure.

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Roger Lewis Nissan Leaf is 31,000 pounds according to this list. Whilst the Ticket price of these cars is as Luke says not cheap by any measure the affordability is in the context of the Company car market and mileage allowances allocation of employers that do not provide company cars but do pay for travel whilst working.
Car leasing plans are also relevant to this equation and of course Vehicle debt based financing which is hugely important to the money supply in the economy
BMW announced a week or two back that they will be building a large number of the All electric MINI in Cowley ( Oxford) which is good news for That community of connected interests, business and personal:

To Buy a Tesla Model 3 on a Car load at 3.4% APR would cost 453 pounds per month, in the context of overall running costs the ticket price I think makes it likely to be a great success, and I suspect that the Nissan Leaf might havve to look at its pricing.
Personal Transportation over mass public transportation is a different question, Of course, and Urban Air Quality is taken out of that equation by Electric Vehicles, but not that of congestion on roads.

I think Tesla have several hurdles to clear and Musks, star is not guaranteed in the Pantheon of the US oligarchy, as we have seen with problems in Solar City another company he has financed variously by Bond issues and not the stock market .
This Documentary who killed the electric car is 6 YEARS old but well worth watching.

Here are the best company cars between £25,000-£35,000

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In 2006, as many as 5,000 modern electric…Trevor Downey
My diesel car can do 600 miles on a tank, then be filled up in approx. 5 minutes and do another 600 miles. The crappy electric cars the govt. is soon imposing on us can do 300 miles on a charge...if you're lucky, then take around 4 hours to charge ! Or longer if you've got bigger batteries for longer range.
They need to wait until DECENT batteries are invented (if ever) before phasing out internal combustion.
Nobody mentions how DANGEROUS Lithium batteries are.
That's why the post office won't let you post even a tiny Lithium battery.
Almost forgot, Lithium batteries are BLOODY EXPENSIVE ! And have to be replaced every couple of years, making it cheaper to get a new car ! They don't mention all the snags, just how "green" it all is ! I believe that is lying by omission...the govt. lying ? Could this be true ?
Roger Lewis Trevor, Catch up with some of the modern developments. The Internal Combustion Engine will be obsolete way before 2040, The question is will Hydrogen Fuel Cell or Another Electricity storage solution emerge to cause redundancy in Lithium Ion technology. Graphene Capacitors are one area of possible emergence of even higher density Electrical mobile storage, of course some sort of Induction network within transport surfaces is also quite possible combined with solar road ways.
The problems are not technological but Political and related to the political economy of scarcity rather than Distributed Networks of abundance.
Its a Paradigm shift thing and Politics can not keep up and neither can our Human emotional responses for an attachment to the familiar.

The other thing to watch is the Circular economy. and the Bucky Fullmeister idea of doing more with less.

This episode is sponsored by Electric Nation Electric Nation is seeking to recruit…
Roger Lewis

Chomsky, Linguistics, Philosophy, Poetry, Music and…
Ralph Clark Roger Lewis is the only person here who gets it.
Steve Gogerly if you dont think this will happen just ask yourself where is the car you were driving 20 years ago? there are electric car charging points in many car parks now in 20 years i expect there to be many more.
Trotter Falls the toyota prius is a joke. more pollution is caused mining the chemicals used for the batteries ,than a range rover creates in a lifetime of use ,how is this saving the planet ?? im not advocating we all buy a chelsea tractor just pointing out the futility of the prius

July 28 at 12:33pm
Roger Lewis Cars are a mode of Transport or a Status Symbol, you decide which is more important to you. Reagrding Pollution, if you look at the circular economy you will see that Re-use, re-cycling and re purposing are key aspects of whole life strategies for designing sustainability into our manufactured goods.
Personally, I like the Prius, which is very cheap to run and a low maintenance vehicle, less brake wear and engine stresses etc.
One man's fish is another mans poisson, we all pays our money and makes our choice.
I do get the petrol head thing, and I really like CLassic US gas Guzzlers too, The problem with those older designs is that they are just not as efficient or fast or technologically proficient as our Family PRIUS.
The VW beetle or Golf or Mini of the future will obviously not be driven by an internal combustion engine, its obvious if you think about it.
New Mythologies will emerge for status enhancement for Male EGO´s in the future maybe even in the form of some sort of penis substitution transport conveyance system.
Heres a Blog I did a few years back, called Big Car Small Dick.

Chomsky, Linguistics, Philosophy, Poetry, Music and Art. Duchamp's Grey Space and the…
Roger Lewis This Volvo offering has great potential for upsetting every body.

Bench Tests: Watch the Volvo…
Roger Lewis of Renault Nissan CEO , The Nissan Leaf is a great small Car, I would like to replace our Gold Estate (Petrol) with one when it gives up the ghost.
Roger Lewis This is a fantastic FIlm , pay very close attention to the segments interviewing Bob Lutz, if you do not know who he is heres a link to Wikipedia Ghosn are both Auto Industry Giants, if they are backing EV as the future, you mock it at your own risk!
John Fennell Trotter the Chelsea tractor!
Trotter Falls the prius is nothing more than an accesory for the politically correct ,who are in fact polluting the planet more than conventional cars ,not to mention driving an embarresment on wheels for the entertainment of others ,its a window lickers car
John Fennell Thank you Trotter!
Alan Jones Doesn't he drive a 3 wheeler?
Magi Phillips CHOICE CHOICE CHOICE is what is being lost here, we WE choose to ride a pedal bike, or a motor bike or drive a car, any type of car .How dare this torie party tell me what i use as transport. I may decide on an electric car living out in the middle of nowhere ,where i cannot charge it and possibly have to drive 40iles to get near a charging point.
Magi Phillips MAYBE ANOTHER CHOICE if you live in a major town LONDON you should use electric and ban petrol cars in the town .Park your petol cars outside the town and have an electric one in towns .BUT AT LEAST GIVE PEOPLE THE CHOICE DICTATORSHIP WILL NEVER WORK WE HAVE BRAINS

July 28 at 8:34pm

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