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Back to the Beginning. WIll Cuppy and the rise and fall of other Distractions.

Another long Day at the coal face of pre history.
The early development of Farming and the trade routes between those first Farming communities are integral to What we are as Human Beings, Communities, Societies and Nations today.

Anyway I really Liked this Graphic from the Wikipedia Article on the Mesolithic Period in pre historic Europe

Venus of Moravany From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Venus from Moravany nad Váhom, which dates back to 22,800 BC The Venus of Moravany[1] (SlovakMoravianska venušaHungarianMoraváni vénuszRussian: Венера Мораванская) is a small prehistoric female figurine discovered in Slovakia early in the 20th century. Contents [hide1Discovery2Display3See also4References Discovery

More Europe Less Brussels. #Brexit #ConquestofDough

This is a wonderful visionary and reflective piece. Carl Bildt is to be congratulated in tackling the Aachen Mafia. These issues of Subsidiarity are most obvious in the Exclusive competencies of the Commission and its relationship to the ECB. Bernar Leitaer advised on , indeed all but designed the ERM, his early design was torn up in a rush for Political Expediency and much of the wisdom of Prof. Leitaer was thrown out along with with the Infant of promise, complementary currencies and subsidiary sovereignty for member States.
More Europe amd less Brussels a reversal of polartiy from the boundaries to the centre and not the other way around.
Meet The Fuggers.

More Europe, Less Brussels STOCKHOLM – The failed coup in Turkey has reminded us – as though a reminder was needed – of the once-inconceivable sta…

How Grains Domesticated Us. Re-post Formatting problems. Written For the COnquest of Dough Blog.

For some strange reason I can not get this page to format properly with this combination of content? The formatting worked perfectly well on the Novels web site so hhere a link where this post can be read properly formatted , strangely enough at the home for which it was intended.
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A brilliant lecture. These themes and insights are essential to realising the need for a federated approach to monetary measures of value and exchange. The political impasse which Neo Liberalism has inevitably reached sees the move to a Globalised centralised State built upon Elitism ranged against the Technological possibility and nascent ability to nurture decentralised distributed networks built around trustless contracts. Centralised Banking Power or decentralised complementary currencies. These themes are all examined in my current Novel The Conquest of Dough. A pun on Kropotkin's The Conquest…