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Not The Leadership Coups #NotTheLeadershipCoups . Malone Lays out Stall for GP Leadership Challenge.

David Malone is on the Move in Green Party Politics Join the discussion Lets see if the turnout in the next GP leadership election can better the 29.8% in 2016. Low Turnouts are always to the advantage of incumbents in office
David Malone Parliamentary Candidate for the Green Party of England And Wales For Scarborough and Whitby. And Green Party Leadership CaNDIDATE 2016
Roger Lewis
Videos by Malone4Leader, Punk music from Scarborough, ERY, UK on ReverbNation
Roger Lewis
Videos by Malone4Leader, Punk music from Scarborough, ERY, UK on ReverbNation
Roger Lewis We noticed that there is a long tradition of runners up never standing again and David always saw the Leadership road as a several stage process as he was unknown in the party as of last year's election and did not expect to win first time as of course Johnathan And Caroline had started the Process before the election was announced and that Natalie was standing down. 
With Incumbents advantage being what it is David will be using this next year to reach as many Local PArtiues as he can with Film Screenings and live online interviews, We piloted the first one Last night.

David always has a lot of speaking engagements up and down the country and also has a busy Schedule chairing discussions at various science festivals and Book fayres, I will be endeavouring to double task David on these trips with doing some Speaking engagements at local parties and will endeavour to get an online Google appointments diary online so those local parties interested in areas in which David is an Acknowledged Expert speaker and give his presentations which we will also stream live. Davids TTIP Talk has over 60,000 YouTube views on this one channel alone.

David has reached out to GPEX but for whatever reason, it has not been seen fit to harness Davids considerable skills and qualities on Finance and Economics and also science education. I think that has been something of a waste and As Davids Political Agent ( That's a self-described title) which is purely Voluntary. Anyway, I hope you will welcome Davids Initiative to get to know the 30% who did vote and to Engage with the 70% who did not in the 2016 Leadership election.
David Malone official Green Party Candidate Site
Roger Lewis
David Malone official Green Party Candidate Site
Steve Jackson Nothing like getting behind your leaders eh?

We have seen how leadership struggles have torn apart other parties and kept the Tories in power.
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Roger Lewis Steve, Leaderships are accountable to the membership of political parties, When substantial Failures are in evidence the political interests of The GP party are not Served by sweeping those failures under the carpet. The GP is founded on the principles of Subsidiarity that requires a constant two-way dialogue which includes constructive criticism and Critical thought.
Green Party Navel Gazing is a treasured pass time of many GP people but the lack of engagement shown by such low voter turnout in every single GP election 25-30% does always leave the question of legitimacy for the Top down leadership approach, There was the old Model of Principal Speakers, which is more in line with a subsidiarity principled model.

David Malone is challenging for the leadership next year, the incumbent's advantage and Metropolitan Elite centricity of the GPEX, dictates that starting the discussion now is important. SO I make no apology for raising these criticisms where there are real failures and where there is criticisms to be made then those criticisms should not be held back and many messages of support and agreement are already reaching us. 
Whilst Johnathan and particularly Caroline remain very appreciated for themselves within the Green Party the Bartley/Lucas Regime is quite another matter.
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