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Facts are facts and Science Science, Even on FaceBook. Maybe not in the Cult of Green?

In 1962 Humble Energy, a division of the company that would go on to be known as Exxon, ran a full page ad in Life Magazine boasting about their ability to melt glaciers. A few years after running that ad, their scientists warned the company’s executives that CO2 emissions from burning fossil fuels really was melting glaciers, and that it they kept burning fossil fuels that would lead to devastating consequences.
Scientists are expecting that any day now an iceberg more twice the size of Luxembourg will collapse into the ocean, in one of the most dramatic displays of the destruction Exxon and their peers in the fossil fuel industry have unleashed upon the planet.

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Pippa Bartolotti Lets name that glacier #exxonknew

50 years after learning the truth about climate change, Exxon's climate denial is having increasingly…

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Dale Dread Well it was nice knowing you. Time to built a boat.

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Joe Schoolcraft Have you seen the documentary, 

Chasing Ice? 
...See More

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Mohamed Hersi I said you are on the point 
And here you are proving me right 
You just bring it on as it's and with the complete idea

Heads down to you

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Tony Wellings A much better read.

When Aaron Blair sat down to chair a week-long meeting of 17 specialists at the International Agency for Research on Cancer in France in March 2015, there was something he wasn't telling them.

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Tony Wellings Its all in rape seed oil

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Pippa Bartolotti Off topic Tony. Can we try and keep a little order please.

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Tony Wellings I would love to.but I cannot post on your main feed

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Pippa Bartolotti Tony you can always message me 

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David Thomas Williams Titanic was a test thrown at nature to find out who was boss.Man lost.

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Roger Lewis Pippa, there is no link to the Exxon Scientists hypothesis regarding CO2 and its contribution to a rise in Temperatures Globally. Back in the 1960´s most scientists were concerned with Global Cooling.
The Green House Effect and Global Warming forcings 
from CO2 are two different questions.
The Link that you have given is wholly unsatisfactory for those of us interested in the Data and Assumptions which the Exxon Scientists are alleged to have made, I would like to review that evidence and then to comment further. I assume you have yourself seen the evidence and that you can provide links to the Evidence which you base your opinion upon?

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Pippa Bartolotti I imagine you have the time to find the info Roger. I hardly have the tine for the post itself!

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Roger Lewis Pippa, I will search for the relevant documents if you have not got them or do not know where they are? The information as it is presented here is very low-grade stuff, If the GP wants to be taken seriously regarding a scientific approach to the Environment and Climate such low information postings do no credit to the GP in my opinion.

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Roger Lewis Pippa Bartolotti Found this, Should keep me busy for a few hours this evening, Thanks for the heads up Pippa, I´ll let you know what I make of it all.

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Pippa Bartolotti This is facebook Roger 

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Roger Lewis Pippa Bartolotti Facts are still facts and science still Science even on Facebook Pippa.

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Roger Lewis Thanks, I look forward to your posting the links.

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Phil Carson All of that ,And now we have Trump responsable for the disbanding of the environmental protection agency set up by hippy, libtard snowflake Richard Nixon.

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Pippa Bartolotti Well, not exactly funny, but you out it in such an amusing way. Heaven help us all.

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Phil Carson We will find a way ,Trump will go ,People and scientists will work something out .i hope so anyway

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Roger Lewis Here are the key documents which gave rise to the Alarming stories regarding Exxon over the past two years.

CLF Lawsuit, Relevant Pages are P.31 Para 97 thru P.47 Para 167 Inclusive.

Discovery Documents.

Current position regarding Filing to dismiss and complaint against New York State Attorney General:

The case is mainly about sea level rises and polution of tidal basins around a particular oil plant. The allegations regarding frustrating Climate science, looking at the Science cited and the very old nature ( The latest were circ 1990 others date back to the 1940´s.

The CO2 Warming hypothesis has absolutely no credible Science related to a substantiation of the AGW hypothesis of CO2 causing warming. Climate Feed Backs are not something which I would expect any court of law to objectively up hold. The case has not been made in the general scientific literature and another case Which I was reminded of tends to suggest a lack of empirical evidence ( I am referring to Michael Manns various law suits for defamation against various un fortunate journalists.

Regarding the science the rocket Science Journal remains the best condensed collection of the aspects of Atmospheric and Ocean Physics on these questions.

For an older article covering the questions I recommend this

This is segelstads Web Site

Latest Paper on the Pause.( Pay Wall)

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