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Censored Comment from the Tory Graph.

Lord Ashcroft's Poll can be used to analyse Turn Out figures. Higher Turnout beyond the level for Brexit similar to 1997 will see Labour in a position to form a minority Government, Turnout at the 1992 Level will see a Majority Labour Government.

Mrs May has been badly advised we all know that the tactic has been to dampen enthusiasm and hope and encourage a Low turn out.
If Labour Get the Vote out with all the newly minted recently registered young voters making their vote the similarities between Mrs May and Mrs Clinton will be complete.

Some very nervous folk at Tory Central Office

Lynton Crosby has repeatedly warned that you can not fatten the pig on Market Day and as Caroline Lucas Might have said even the Fattened Pig has to bloody well turn up.

The Attitudes to polling from the get go, and also the BBC Talking heads from the IFS have all engendered the lackadaisical approach of slovenly Colouring in Beloved of second rate Geography students even at Oxbridge's

It all boils down, in the end, do the Voters want a Social Democratic or a Neo-Liberal Brexit #Jexit or #May-zit
So the choice for fairer Complexion,
after the June 8th election?
To Eject the May Zit, reject the Brexshit,
by applying the Jexit Solution.

So the Nub of it is this and the Root of the differences between the Underachieving May and Over Achieving Corbyn is this,

Has Lynton Fattened his Pig? or has Mr Corbyn Ticked all the boxes of the Wizard of Oz´s 4 Elements. 4 Elements in Campaigning, Namely;

1. Salience, ( Is it out there)

2. Relevance ( Do the people Give a Shit?)
Is it personally Relevant?

3. Differentiation ( They say That Too.)
Political Differences, Wheres the change, why change?

4. The point of Sale Execution (WTF?)
(Making the Lies Stick, Connect the policies to the Party.

So now as the Americans say we have to wait and see who has the Better Ground Game. My Money is on the Outsider Mr Corbyn. 20 seat Majority.

You censored all the comments! You petty little fascists!

Shameful disgrace if true. Censoring criticism of these murderers is basically showing support for terrorism by the back backbone. Grow up Telegraph.

Given that the polling companies and the political analysts can't be trusted to predict the race of the next PM, my assumption is that the bookies will be found to be nearer the mark.

Regardless of who wins, Islamic terrorism will not end. The government does not have the will to do what is necessary.

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