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A response to George Soros on his EU / Brexit meddling.

The Arch Neo-Liberal Echo Chamber Project Syndicate has published to Senile ramblings of that Failing Oligarch George Soros today on its sullied pages.

Brexit In Reverse?

LONDON – Economic reality is beginning to catch up with the false hopes of many Britons. One year ago, when a slim majority voted for the United Kingdom’s withdrawal from the European Union, they believed the promises of the popular press, and of the politicians who backed the Leave campaign, that Brexit would not reduce their living standards. Indeed, in the year since they have managed to maintain those standards by running up household debt.

I have penned this response.

Soros is yesterday's, Man. Neo-Liberalism has been found out and Soros´s brand of Financialised Capitalism and Stae Monopoly manipulation of Markets has been Exposed. The People of Britain, as well as the people of Europe, remember the Golden Age of Social Democracy and even Democratic Socialism. Neo-Liberalism having failed to deliver on its promises and having undermined British Democracy and institutions will now be set aside, as will the EU. The EU, if it reforms and goes back on to the Track of Social Democracy, may Survive and see the power vector restored from the people to the Executive and not this top down Elite, Managerial command and control Farce.
At the heart of this, and this is something Soros, Does or rather should understand, is the Magic Money Tree. The EU, Britain and the Washington Consensus have all been suffering a debt deflation post the 2008 Collapse, Heterodox economic theorists like myself, Led by Hudson, Keen, Wray, Mitchell, Mosler, Murphy Werner, Dyson, Adair Turner and Even Mervyn King, have exposed the Neo-Liberal Pump and Dump scheme for what it is, A giant Ponzi Scheme, For these fraudulent Crimes alone, The Soros´s of this world should be serving Time at the Pleasure of The various States whose coffers they have hollowed out with the assistance of a generation or two of Weak Minded, Lemonade pocketed yet Champagne Tasted Politicians and Bureaucrats.
As well as being an Idea, Democracy is a process. The Process is informed by history and the Idea and the process is independent of Oligarchs such as Mr Soros. Now there are clear divisions in the Oligarchy, and I am glad to speculate that Soros´s faction is Losing. They have lost the Intellectual Arguments, even though they have tried to corrupt our academic Institutions, They Are Losing the Political Arguments even though they have tried to buy the silence of the media Outlets, They are losing the Popular arguments, as Poverty levels and health outcomes have become too obvious and so obviously the fault of the "Elites". So for all the blaming of victims, Spin and Hopeless Senile confirmation biases wrapped up in the shell of an Octagenarian has been, we still see that the old adage is holding true. As it always does, “all political careers end in failure”. Even covert ones and Mr Soros´s is no different. I for one celebrate and rejoice for Soros´s brand of extreme neoliberal fascism has no place in a Post-Scarcity Society with Ethical standards of Compassion caring love and respect. You have done enough damage, Mr Soros, enjoy a long and healthy retirement, but you are no longer needed or wanted. You are the Weakest Link, Good Bye.

The Obvious Answer of course to the Soros money power meddling ( Gnomes of Zurich as Harold Wilson used to call them) Is a Grand Brexit Coalition. The Archbishop of Canterbury said as much today.
It may take the inevitable unravelling of the UDP obscenity to get the Tories into the Tent, But as the EU is effectively Hostile to Brexit, a Churchill/Atlee Style War Time / Article 50 Period Parliament for 2 years or so should get the Ship out of the Manufactured storms in the channel. For as long as the Fog of neo-liberalism hangs over the Channel we Brits will have to be Secure in the Knowledge that it is Europe that is cut off from reality and Not a Social democratic Great Britain which will in another year or so be under a Jeremy Corbyn Led Labour Government, Whilst the Tories rediscover Edmund Burke.

As ever the Confirmation Bias and Neo-Liberal smugness of those who should know better but dare not is hanging like a pall of stench over these pages, not least from Mr Soros´s drivel.


I am pleased to report some incoming Enemy Fire allbeit rather light at this stage. Happy Days, Hoping for a nice Big Intellectual Dust Up!!


      When it comes to economics it's often hard to know who is dafter. The far right or the far left. Both constantly deny the fundamental laws of economics and the often base aspects of human nature. I have news for you Roger, what you call neo liberalism (the use of the phrase itself an instant tell) but what can be more accurately described as modern global capitalism is very much alive and well and shows no signs of coming to an end. The reason is simple. For all its shortcomings (the imperfection of markets, inequality etc.) it is simply the most effective means of providing modern mass societies with the goods and services they require at a reasonable cost. On the political front its organizational expression which is basically modestly center left or right social democracy also reigns supreme in most of the developed world as the three recent major European elections and the upcoming one in Germany demonstrate. Gotterdammerung you will be disappointed to hear has been postponed.
  1. Brexit In Reverse?

    The fact is that two Conservative prime ministers (Cameron and May) have landed the British in a hell of a mess. The fundamental problem with Brexit is that there really is no middle way. You're either in the market with all the obligations that entails or you're out of it with the all the loss of privileges this involves. It's also very clear that the EU are in the driving seat. Thus May's government are faced with the alternative of a more apparent than real exit (aka Norway) or out for real which can conducted in an orderly or disorderly fashion. The problem with the Norway approach (which is Britain's best option right now) is why are they leaving at all since essentially they will have all the obligations of EU membership and no vote or influence in the EU.

      @John Ellis, Mr Ellis, Your condecension is wholly commensurate with the scale of your Arrogant Ignorance. Let me ask you this, What is Money. If you know the answer to that question try this one one as well. Is it wise to measure anything with a Variable Ruler?
      FInanlly may I suggest that you are within a category ably described by John Ruskin in Unto this last Thus.

      "Pardon me. Men of business do indeed know how they themselves
      made their money, or how, on occasion, they lost it. Playing a
      the long-practised game, they are familiar with the chances of its
      cards, and can rightly explain their losses and gains. But they
      neither know who keeps the bank of the gambling-house nor what
      other games may be played with the same cards, nor what other
      losses and gains, far away among the dark streets, are
      essentially, though invisibly, dependent on theirs in the lighted
      rooms. They have learned a few, and only a few, of the laws of
      mercantile economy; but not one of those of political economy."

      And a little poem to help you along your Way Mr Ellis.

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