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MP´s and The Magic Money tree, Are they really that Dumb?

POLL RESULTS: Only 1 out of 10 MPs understand that banks create money HOME » BLOG » 2014 » AUGUST » 19 » POLL RESULTS: ONLY…

WRITTEN BY POSITIVE MONEY ON AUGUST 19, 2014. MPs lack basic knowledge about the fundamentals of money, leaving them ill-equipped to understand the impending dangers of another house price boom or a second credit bubble, according to an exclusive Dods Monitoring poll commissioned by Positive Money, the campaign body calling for fundamental reform of our money and banking system. When asked questions about who creates the nation’s money in the UK, nearly three quarters got the wrong answer. 71% of MPs believed that only the government has the power to create money. In reality, the government now only creates coins and notes, which make up just 3% of all the money in the economy. The other 97% of money exists as bank deposits – the electronic numbers in your bank account). This type of money is created by high-street banks – not by the government. Just over 1 in …

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The Green Party Idiocracy. A postcard from last Summer. 2016.

From This Blog Post´s Notes.
Tom HarrisCaroline is re-elected and already the Party's management is bending over backwards to accommodate her every whim. Watch out Green Party staff members who have their own opinion - I predict sackings and gagging clauses coming up very soon.
Tom Harris Labour would only enter into a pact if it was guaranteed to destroy, or at very least, severely disadvantage the junior partner. Just look at what measures the PLP is prepared to go to in order to get its own way. They are careerist monsters, dead set on pushing through their own agenda at all costs. Sound familiar?!

Roger Lewis
 I agree with Tom Harris, the top downturn in the GP atmosphere is quite marked and the CO/ leadership bid was a coRONation. The presidential style of politics being promoted by the CO/ Leaders and their ´´Team´´ is straight out of Clinton Playbook 101, including terminology. `Pr…