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What It is to go to war.Two Tribes Go to war will it be? Welcome to the Pleasure Dome? #Corbyn4PM #Labour2017

The Ragged Trousered Philanderer
We have the opportunity to vote for a better way... to stop this endless cycle of slaughter and revenge.
Jeremy Corbyn - Stop the War Speech - 15 February 2003
"Thousands more deaths in Iraq will not make things right. It will set off a spiral of conflict, of hate, of misery, of desperation that will fuel the wars, the conflict, the terrorism, the depression, and the misery of future generations."

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Andrew Richard He was right.

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16 hrs

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Pedro Osorio That's a video about the US Roger 
Here in the UK we still have a few Green Party members of Parliament

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Roger Lewis There is one GP MP Pedro , yes One whole One!
The UK has acted as the USA´s Tart for many years as Have the EU. Here is a Blog with the story behind Blair and Bushes Illegal War in Iraq. Are you going to make this discussion dissappeaar as well? Speech police such as yourself are clearly fifth columns in the Green PArty.

Some memory hole memories to remind the Tory Blow Back deniers and New Labour Blairites…

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Roger Lewis

This Blog is by way of explication of the Video …

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Pedro Osorio I think that you don't really understand why we built a European Union after the second world war 
We needed to Unite to be independent from the US and the USSR 
The USSR is gone and I think it's great that the UK has democratically decided to leave the EU and joined the US

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Pedro Osorio Sorry we only have one but hopefully after the elections we will have a few

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Pedro Osorio People here aren't that stupid and they understand that the two Party system is a failure

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Pedro Osorio Why is Tony Blair still allowed to be a member of the Labour Party
Surely the leadership should have evicted him by now

Green party MP, Caroline Lucas, says the…

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Pedro Osorio I'm just confused because of this maybe you can explain

Kate Townsend, Steve Williams and Robert Park ousted…

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Pedro Osorio Do you have special members in the Labour Party and the plebs that can be expelled?

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