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The Nub of Election 2017# A Social Democratic Brexit or a Neo Liberal Brexit.

Brexit means Brexit! Or does it? We know some say it can be a Hard Brexit or a, " No Deal is better than a bad deal Brexit", but the real Choice here, which is clearly a differential point between Labour and The Conservatives is this:
Labour represents a Social Democratic Brexit for the people and The Conservatives represent a Neo-Liberal Brexit or a Brexit for the Corporations and Big Banks.

The EU is a Neo-Liberal Institution and Anti-democratic, even the Green Party Arch remoaners , in their 2015 Manifesto argued to have a referendum about leaving but, seeking a mandate to reform the EU and remain members. There are plenty of Brexit posts on this Blog a Digest of them can be found at this Link. The Social Democratic Case for Brexit is Called Lexit, Google Lexit The Movie.

There is no sign of any wish for the EU to reform itself and the UK voters have two choices. Vote for Mrs May …

"You Can´t Fatten the pig on market day", Mrs May Stays at Home #BBCDebate

Borrowing from Mr Crosby´s Swine analogy "You Can´t Fatten the pig on market day". I feel dear reader we should remind ourselves of some other Porcine Analogies. Firstly Mr Crosby will be aware that he can not make "a Silk Purse out of a Sows Ear". Indeed it is unadvisable to think that one can put lipstick on this particular Pig, let alone transform its Ears into the necessary receptacle for Mrs Mays string of pearls. Our extant Sow, this present Candidate and her Presidential Campaign, shrieking "Two Legs Good and Four legs bad", And "casting all the pearls before the corporate swine" brings to mind the scene in S1Mone .  "Once the pressure of serving his creation reaches a breaking point for Viktor, he decides to ruin Simone's career as an act of vengeance. Simone's next film, I Am Pig, is her directorial debut and a tasteless treatment about zoophilia intended to disgust audiences, which not only fails to achieve the desired effe…

"you said you have always believed that banks should be publicly owned" ? The Battle For Number 10, Corbyn Banks and Money Creation?

Banks and Money, Peas in a pod you might think. Jeremy Paxman sneered at Mr Corbyn in the Battle For No 10

"a number of your other core beliefs do make it into this manifesto
don't think about nationalizing the Royal Mail for example or the railways or energy companies or water companies
why not banks

some of our banks are
publicly owned as it is actually

you said you have always believed that banks should be publicly owned" ?
To Consider this let's just think about what Money Does and What Banks do? There are Four Generally Accepted Functions of Money.
Money Should Be a Unit Of Account,
Money Should Be a Means of Exchange 
Money Should Be a Store of Value 
Money Should Be a Measure of Value.

Most of the confusions of Money and its useful functions relates to confusing money with Wealth.

Bear this statement in Mind in the following.

Money and Goods Are Different
”Thus, clearly, money and goods are not the same thing but are, on the contrary,
exactly opposite t…

What It is to go to war.Two Tribes Go to war will it be? Welcome to the Pleasure Dome? #Corbyn4PM #Labour2017


Huey Morgan shared The Ragged Trousered Philanderer's photo.Yesterday at 2:22pm
The Ragged Trousered Philanderer
Yesterday at 1:50pm We have the opportunity to vote for a better way... to stop this endless cycle of slaughter and revenge. Jeremy Corbyn - Stop the War Speech - 15 February 2003