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Why I have returned to The Labour Fold from the Greens. CONSIDER THIS THE LABOUR SIGN IN MY FRONT WINDOW IF YOU WILL.

This From 2015 appeared in my Facebook memories today. The intervening years replete with continued kickings into the long grass of the causes of the 2008 meltdown and raping of the NHS by private interests, Libor rigging, sheer mendacity of the Neo-Liberal Thought Collective. The arguments remain to be made outside of a Neo-Liberal sensibility. The Greens with Added flavouring and E numbers under Lucas and Bartley and the Now fully organic Socialist Labour sees me throwing my Lot in with Corbyn and Mc Donnel and the Labour Party of Momentum, Len Mc CLoskey et al.


Brian May asked a Fair question, Russel Brand has also asked a lot of good questions. Answers are more problematical for everyone and if we accept that doubt increases with knowledge and that
we all get it wrong sometimes why would Russel Brand be held to a higher standard has he claimed infallibility ( granted it may be implied by his Be-draped persona). Russel, I think believes in Direct Democracy as do I, we anarchists have different views on what accommodation to make with the charade of democracy served up these days. For the charade that is served up consider Schumpeter's definition. ‘Democracy is that institutional arrangement for arriving at political
decisions in which individuals acquire the power to decide by means of a
competitive struggle for the people's vote’." Joseph Schumpeter, Quoted
from Roy Madron, Super Competent Democracies. The most pressing need for democracy is reforming the power to create money, Brian May will know this from studying the green Parties manifesto.…/paying-for-p… ( I will be voting Green) From April 2015)EDITED 2017 NOW I WILL SUPPORT #CORBYN4PM ))as one would hope that Democracy could be achieved without a lot of unpleasant violence sadly the State monopoly on Violence and its interest in maintaining a charade of democracy tends to put the odds against that sort of utopian tree hugging sentiment, Oh well I'll keep my pitchfork nice and sharp just in case.

Tonight Russell Brand took part in a live Q&A to celebrate the launch of his new documentary The Emperor’s New Clothes. The film explores the problems of…

Vince Cable is quoted on the BBC today that Lib Dems would not form a coalition with Labour under Jeremy Corbyn. Progressive Alliance or Left Alliance is too imprecise to actually mean anything. There is Left and right within Neo-Liberalism, which excludes anything but Large Scale Global Market Capitalism. Then there is the Old Left Right paradigm which is almost a separate dimension to the "TINA"( There is no Alternative ) Neo-Liberalism of the past 40 years. I reject the Green Party under the present leadership, what happened in Richmond on Thames was the last chance I felt minded to give the highly suspect rise of the Joint Leader coronation, sullied (now with added Oakeshott money) and neoliberal sell out and Lib Dem coalition overtures. (The LIB Dems are not progressive, neither are they Left, they are Liberal, which is a clue to their DNA which is substantially Neo-Liberal. 
Whether the GP is redeemable will largely for me rest upon the manifesto, the position vis Lib Dems and Brexit though has not instilled optimism in me that the Greens will attain the sort of relevance they had in 2015 under Natalie Bennet, for me Natalie is much superior to the present Leadership Intellectually and in terms of Political Authenticity, I do not find those qualities in either Caroline or Jonathan both of who are far to Toney and Dave media soundbite talking points presidential friendly, for me they are Knitted Yoghurt with added preservatives and e numbers, Style valued over substance, the British Voting public will see that and reject it. Corbyn stands a much better chance if he does not sell out or add E numbers and Tim Nice but dim market friendly media tosh to his message.
I really regret the Karaoke Turn in Green Politics but with any luck, there will be a hung parliament and a coalition formed which necessitates a PR voting system to glue together the last time that happened the vote was blown. That does not surprise me the GP is a shambles messaging-wise and with an authentic message it matters less but with the new E numbered added preservative Greens 

I´m afraid amateur night levels of sophistry just will not cut through.
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Roger Lewis

#Champagnesocialist #Bonviveurs4Corbyn #PoshBoys4Corbyn #Socialismcanbe4Toffs2 

The second sense of Piety also applies to the ´´Now is not a time for Soundbites, spin doctored crocodile tears, never better demonstrated than by One Anthony Charles Lynton Blair.
 ''It’s not a day for soundbites really erm we can leave those at home , I feel the hand of history upon our respect of this, I really do.''

The Cutting is from my press cutting book, I am one of the fortunate ones. I received a grant aided education in Comprehensive, and for A levels at the Colchester Institute where I went back to take my A Levels after leaving home and having dropped out of the sixth form. Incidentally one of my A Level Law Lecturers was Mike O´Brien a Junior Home office minister in the naughties New Labour Government, but at that time 1982, was a Law Lecturer at The Colchester Institute. But that's another story.

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